Friday, February 22

| Fanciful Friday - Vintage Cosmetics Advertising |

Hi everyone,


Today's post is part of the new 'Fanciful Friday's' series here on Profound Feline, it is a series where the imagination and fantastical whimsy of beauty is shared. I hope you enjoy!

I could not resist in posting these stunningly glamorous vintage cosmetics advertisements, including brands like Avon, Revlon, Tru Glow & Seventeen Cosmetics. I think they capture the enchanting femininity of the 1940's & 1950's glam era perfectly.  


Aren't they just darling?! 

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Tuesday, February 19

| Come with me - Instagram #10 |

Hi everyone,

Another little snippet into my days. Come with me!


♥ Tea Time - just call me the crazy teacup lady!
♥ Fruit salad in a teacup 
♥ Big date hair 
♥ Favourite polish- so glossy
♥ Quinoa / olive oil /lemon = perfection
♥ A night in


♥ Cane overload
♥ Picnicking in the park
♥ Tea & tart time
♥ Happy little Vegemite!
♥ Daily grind
♥ Favourite Yankee Candle - Vanilla Cupcake :)

What adventures have you been on lately? I would love to hear from you :)

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Thursday, February 14

| ♡ Valentines Day ♡ 'Nail of the Day' featuring ESSIE 'Tie The Knot' & Chi Chi 'Glitteratti' |

Every February 14th, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. Therefore, with Valentines Day upon us the idea of a Valentines themed 'Nail of the Day' seemed like a perfect idea! 

Here in Australia we are well into summer and with this I've been craving brighter colours on my nails. Instead of opting for my standard racy red I went with glitter polish! I am quite a lover of glitter polishes nowadays, only discovering this love in recent years. 

On Valentines Day I will be wearing:

ESSIE 'Tie The Knot' & Chi Chi  'Glitteratti'

  • ESSIE 'Tie The Knot' is described as a  'pale and pretty buff colour' 

I featured swatches of Essie's 'Tie The Knot' in a previous post, see here: Essie Nail Polish Haul + Swatches 

  •  Chi Chi  'Glitteratti' is a 'flat-hexagonal multi-coloured glitter polish with a subtle pink gloss' 

Chi Chi 'Glitteratti' has quickly become a standout favourite in my glitter polish collection & my ESSIE collection holds a special place in my heart. Chi Chi nail polish retails for $12.95 AUD and Essie for 18.95 AUD.

Although both brands are more expensive than Rimmel or Essence for example, the quality and staying power speaks for itself. This manicure usually lasts a good 5-7 days before chipping (and that's without applying a top coat) Unbelievable?!
It's true!

Below is the picture that inspired this NOTD post. I posted this picture to my Instagram a few months back, and got some beautiful comments from you all. Thank you!

If you would like to take a look at my pictures or follow each other on Instagram, find me at: @profound_feline    

What are you favourite glitter polishes on the market? I would love some of your recommendations! 

I hope your Valentines Day is spent with that special someone. Even if it's a date with  Ryan Gosling  in 'The Notebook' with Mr Cadbury Chocolate as chaperon.

Happy Valentines Day!


Monday, February 11

| January Photo A Day Challenge! |

Hi everyone,

I love doing photo-a-day challenges! How about you? I decided to do the 'January Photo A Day Challenge' created on Instagram by @fatmumslim :) I think they are always a lot of fun and it's also interesting to see how different people interpret the word cues. I hope you enjoy taking a browse through my January 2013 in photos! 


♥ 1: Today
♥ 2: Something new
♥ 3: Heart
♥ 4: The view from here



♥ 5: Movement
♥ 6: Mine
♥ 7: Street
♥ 8: Something beginning with "T" 

♥ 9: Paper


♥ 10: One 'o'clock
♥  11: Water
♥ 12: Surprise
♥ 13: Circle


♥  14: Something yellow
♥  15: An ordinary moment
♥ 16: Two things
♥ 17: Ready

♥ 18: Shadow



♥ 19: Delicious
♥ 20: What you do
♥ 21: Corner
♥ 22/23: Electric / Stripes


♥ 24: Landscape
♥ 25: Together
♥ 26: Sun
♥ 27: Through


♥ 28: Grow


♥ 29: Down
♥ 30: Yourself

I'm thinking of doing another 'Photo A Day Challenge' in February What do you think?

Please link me to your blog posts in the comment section below if you partake in similar Instagram photo challenges. I would love to take a look!

If you have Instagram and would like to follow each other, it would make my day!

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