Thursday, August 20

| The Wedding Series | D.I.Y | Engagement Party Popcorn Favours |

I knew that at our recent Engagement Party I wanted to try my hand at a few crafty D.I.Y Wedding and Engagement Party ideas I had seen and loved. This is the first post of | The Wedding Series | that will be featuring on Profound Feline as Mr W and I venture into the realms of wedding planning and all the fun and fear that accompanies.

Scrolling through picture perfect Pinterest photos for inspiration has kind of taken over my life of late as I start planning (and re-planning) my idea of our wedding day. Although, I am surrounded with inspiration via my Instagram and Facebook feeds, Pinterest boards, Etsy shops, and countless wedding blogs, websites and books - I have been left feeling a bit lost with wedding ideas......

 Do you find this too when you are focused on an all-consuming project?

Today, I am bringing you a simple yet effective (and delicious) D.I.Y Party Favour that could be ideal as an Engagement Party treat or Wedding Bonbomiere for your guests. It involves only a few items and can be easily be put together over a few hours with a little help (in my case, from my mum - thanks mum!).

To Make You Will Need:  (we made approximately x 80 popcorn treat bags)

  • x 80 Clear lolly-bag style plastic bags (bought from Ebay).
  • x 15 (150g) bags of Popcorn - and lots of it! (We purchased Johnny's Sweet & Salty Popcorn - allowing for roughly a cupful in each treat bag).
  • x 15 metre roll of black and white twine for tying up the bags (purchased from Neds).
  • x 80 'He Popped The Question & She Said YES!' tags (purchased from Ebay).

Bon Appetit - it's as simple as that!

Stay tuned for the next post in the |The Wedding Series| on Profound Feline that will be featuring a D.I.Y How-To on making Bridesmaid Boxes to gift when asking your bridal party to be a special part of your wedding journey. 

This was so much fun to put together for you!


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  1. What an awesome idea, I love these baggies! Looking forward to the upcoming wedding posts and congrats on your engagement :D

    1. Thank you Lauren! :) They definitely went down a treat with our guests. Can't wait to share more with you in upcoming posts. x.k.

  2. That is SUCH a cute idea! we had very traditional bonbonniere at our wedding as we are pretty traditional, but this is something I would have loved to do too!

    1. Hi Emma :) Thank you for your comment! I would love any wedding planning tips you would want to share. We are still undecided as to what bobonniere we will have at our wedding. Keep in touch :) x.k.

  3. Oh my god! I loved the idea. I came across this post just at the right time. I am hosting a party to congratulate my best friend and her fiancé on getting married. And I have booked one of the biggest rooftop Los Angeles wedding venues for it. And I am surely going to use these popcorn packets to give to the guests.



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