Thursday, November 17

Thursday Woe

This is how I'm feeling today.......

After having some herbal cold and flu tablets late last night accompanied by a mug of Chamomile I was starting to feel better. Although, when I woke up this morning I felt like I had been hit by a tonne of bricks- still fighting it though. "I can't get sick.....I can't get sick....." I have too much to do at the moment.

Really feeling like one of these today.......

Wish me luck! If you have any handy tips for cures drop them in the comment box below. I would love to hear what you think :) What makes you feel better when you are feeling down?


Wednesday, November 16

Someone's Old Is Another's New!

Hi everyone,

Okay, so in addition to my previous post of Vintage Fair Finds I thought I would just quickly post some pics of other Op-Shop finds I have collected in the past 2 weeks. 

Today, whilst on my drive to my university campus my car magically found its way to a Salvos store.....after a quick look around as I had to get to class I found these little gems!

 I love the pastel palette of the patterns on these glasses. This happy little trio most likely has lost one of its members.....but I hope they still have lots of love to give :) At only $1.99 for the set it was a real bargain!
 Here is a beautifully made floor rug that I picked up for only $12. I love that it has a worn pre-loved look to it. Also, there is a hint of turquoise in the pattern which I think sets it out above the rest. At the moment I have placed it at the end of my bed under an ottoman. 

Okay, well I'm off to boil the kettle to make a cuppa tea. I've had a monster of a headache today and just can't seem to shake it. Fingers crossed I'm not coming down with anything!

Do you have any home remedies or secrets to rid the horrid headache? Let me know.

- x.k.

Vintage Finds

Hi everyone,

Recently, all I've been thinking about is vintage finds that are available at op-shops, vintage stores and vintage fairs. I've also discovered one of my good friends Matt has a penchant for vintage and the pre-loved too! I'm so happy to have another vintage-lover to talk to about where are the best finds, pooling our resources and inspiring each other with what we discover. Fun times!
I'm thinking this increased love and interest in vintage and shopping for such items may also be linked with me trying to avoid the pile of university work I still have to complete before I finish up for the year. Although I only have 2 weeks left of study I always seem to procrastinate *sigh* I'm trying to work on this.....see how we go.

Anyways, I attended a local Vintage Fair that is held just down the road from my house's on EVERY 2 WEEKS! I have a feeling I'm going to spend too much money ullll.... I went with some of my friends who range from not much interest in vintage, to, of course the vintage lover's :) We found that even if we didn't all purchase items we had a "good look around" and it was a really interesting way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Here are some of the goodies that I collected at the North Adelaide Vintage Fair:

 This super cute vintage nail care set was just too adorable to leave. It cost $12 which I think was an amazing bargain as it contains all original pieces and is stamped 'made in Sheffield ENGLAND' - love it. I just think it's sweet and will be very handy to put in my handbag for emergency nail situations :)
The trinket box cost $5 and I think this will be a perfect little gift for my mum at Xmas!

 Here are some lovely reinvented vintage Christmas Cards that I got at the North Adelaide Vintage Fair. They only cost $1 each - I could have gone crazy and bought lots....but I chose to show some restraint. Although, I'm going to have another gander at the cards next weekend. I think they are going to be perfect to send to family for Christmas in a few weeks. Get excited people....Xmas is only 5 weeks away! Ho Ho Ho!
I especially love the card on the bottom right. I'm going to give this to my little niece - its says "For a dear little girl at Christmas".

Hope everyone's Christmas shopping list is being ticked off and preparations are in progress for this festive season. I haven't put up my Xmas tree I better get cracking! How soon do you put up your tree for Christmas?


Wednesday, November 9

Wonderful Wednesday.....

Mr Bradley Pitt in a dress. Need I say more? Enjoy....

What is your favourite Brad Pitt movie? I love 'Interview with a Vampire' - so classic!


Tuesday, November 8

Plus-size Pretty: Christina Hendricks

Have you ever wished you lived in another era? No. Must be just me then. Well for me it was the 1950-60’s. Roller-sets, winged eyeliner, wiggle skirts and kitten heels.....what more could a girl asked for?

If I could have swanned around the office looking as foxy as today's plus-size pretty, then I would’ve been a happy lady. Meet Christina Hendricks, aka Joan Holloway from one of my favourites shows on tv, Mad Men.

Since tuning into Mad Men years ago I have had a serious girl crush on 36-year-old Christina. Who wouldn't? She is stunning. In Mad Men Joan turns heads in her curve-hugging, jewel-toned frocks.

As at a voluptuous sizing of 12-14, she's hardly 'plus size' in real terms, but in LaLa-land the fact that Christina is seen as a sex kitten is nothing short of miraculous. So cheers to the curvaceous and vivacious Christina Hendricks!

Now this is a woman with curves. Could she honestly be any hotter?! Thoughts? Wowsa!

Sunday, November 6

Oh Sunday Sunday

Welcome fellow felines and here we go! I have finally managed to get my head around the beginnings of my first Blog. It's been very much a case of trial and failure error and I am now getting excited about the beginning of a new passion as a blogger.....
I guess I have created this blog in order to get to know myself better, share thoughts, ideas, and also connect with others around the world.

Drawing on some famous words of Marilyn I hope this blog to be a place where honesty is key and positive thoughts will follow. I find it only fitting that I write my FIRST official blog post from the heart of all places - my place of birth and rural hometown! I'm currently here for a few days to visit my parents and I am tomorrow heading back to "the big smoke" - city life. I miss the country lifestyle already :(

Oh how I LOVE my Sunday's! My ideal Sunday is to be enjoyed with a cup of tea, some chilled music softly playing in the background. What's your ideal Sunday look like?
Isn't life grand!

- X. K.

Friday, November 4

Hello World!

Blog coming soon................

A welcoming place where we can share our lives, laughs and of course loves of all things pretty. Bonjour!


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