Tuesday, March 27

'Erudite' Photoshoot

Hi everyone,

So a few weekends ago I was lucky enough to be involved with a photo shoot undertaken by my good friend Matt from Matt James Photography. This photo shoot was Matt's next installment for his 'Divergent' photo series. It's a fantasy photo series inspired by the factions within the book, Divergent, by Veronica Roth. Our mutual friend Bridget was the model for this shoot and was representing 'Erudite', the intelligent and knowledgeable faction, you can read more about this here. Here is the final product!

I had such an fantastic time with this shoot as I was able to employ different learnt makeup techniques that I would not normally use on a day-to-day basis. It was an incredibly enjoyable artistic experience and a joy to be surrounded by another like-minded creative mind. I had a lot of fun with this shoot and believe I was able contribute (from the makeup/hair side of things) to encapsulate Matt's vision for the shoot!

I was able to pull from my collection the products a hues that were desired by the photographer for the shoot. Knowing the complexion and hair type of the model beforehand was also of great help as I was able to colour-match foundations/ concealers and bring appropriate hair styling tools/ products.

I began by first discussing colour palettes and the desired look for the model with Matt and from here away we go.

Special assistant for the day - Luna the kitty cat

1) The model started with a freshly cleansed face with moisturiser applied and allowed to settle. I then applied a foundation mattifying primer, Formula 10.0.6 Serioulsy Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturiser with Aloe Vera + Bamboo. This helped the skin keep a matte-finish that is smooth and shine free.

2) Then using my Sigma Foundation F60 Brush I applied Revlon Colourstay Makeup in 150 Buff. This was a perfect colour match for the model and provides a medium to high coverage - perfect for photography.

3) Using my Sigma Concealer F70 Brush I applied Maybelline New York's Instant Age Rewind Under eye concealer in Light. This concealer is fantastic for that extra coverage and also serves as a lifting and brightening product for the eyes. I then swept a light layer of Models Prefer Professional Mineral Foundation in Light 01 with my Sigma Large Powder F30 Brush to complete the foundation. For a contour it was decided to keep this fairly minimal therefore I used my Sigma Large Angled Contour F40 Brush to create a natural contour to the cheekbones, forehead and jawline using e.l.f Bronzed Bronzing Powder.

4) To add extra highlight to the models face where the light would naturally hit I applied Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator in 03 Peach Light with my fingertips. Over top of this lotion I applied MAC Silver Dusk Loose Powder with my Sigma Tapered Blending E40 Brush. These two products work amazing together and provide a heavenly illuminated glow to the cheeks, nose and forehead.

5) After it was decided to add a slight flush of colour to the cheeks so a small amount of Maybelline Mineral Power Naturally Luminous Blush in Gentle Pink was applied to the apples of the cheeks.

6) The eyeshadow base used was MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. A shimmery champagne opalescent hue, applied from eyelid to brow bone. Then applied over the entire lid and under the eye towards the cheekbone was a very white pearlescent colour from my Collette Palette mixed in with MAC Eyeshadow in Phloof! (frost) Followed by MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow (veluxe pearl) onto the lid. In the corner of the eye I placed MAC Parfait Amour (Frost) along with a fuchsia pink from my Collette Pallette and blended them out. Under the eye I applied a Sapphire blue and deep navy blue to create depth and blended these out also. For all eye colours I used my Sigma eyeshadow brushes: Eye shading E55 and Blending E25 Brushes.

 7) Bright blue eyeliner was applied to both upper and lower lash-lines. For this I used Revlon Colourstay Liquid Liner Liquide in Royal. The eyelashes were then curled with my e.l.f Lash Curler and a generous coat of  Rimmel LONDON Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara was applied to both upper and lower lash-lines. 

8) The brows were kept quite natural with a small amount of pencil used to fill-in and elongate the brow. For this I used Australis Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown & Urban Decay Naked Palette with the colour Naked.

9) The lips were definitely a focal point for the look of this shoot - being bright royal blue in colour. For this a theatrical lipstick colour was used to create the desired look. 

10) Over top of the colour was applied Lancome Paris Juicy Wear Sheer Gloss. This acts as a seal and shine top coat to the lips.

11) To achieve the hairstyle a GHD Straightener was used to create loose curls falling away from the face. L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray (Normal Strength) was used to keep everything in place. The fringe was blow dried using a Goldwell Ceramic Rounded Brush to help create height as the fringe was covering the eyes. A liberal amount of hairspray was then used to mold a rounded shape to the fringe, giving the model a futuristic/edgy look.

12) As a final touch Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum was used to define curls and create added gloss to the hair.

Here are some pictures of the final result:

I just had to post the following photo as it encapsulates the gravity-defying fringe that was created. Also, apologies for the electric vibrancy in this photo, I couldn't resist highlighting that bright red hair :

Overall, I had a great day with Matt from Matt James Photography and Bridget (model). If you're on Facebook please head on over to Matt's Fanpage and click LIKE :) Matt has 3 more shoots in his Divergent series, I can't wait to see what he comes up with!

Here are a few behind the scenes shots that were taken on the day:

Great team! Myself, Bridget & Matt.
Would love to hear what you think :)

talk soon,


Style Icon. Marilyn Monroe

Hi everyone,

Okay so it might not come as any surprise that I have decided upon Marilyn Monroe for my first Style Icon  post. Since I was a young girl probably 7 or 8 years old I was fascinated by the beauty that is the woman. Marilyn Monroe was more than a fashion/style icon but also an international sex symbol and representation of Old Hollywood at its finest in my eyes.

Marilyn was a young housewife, married at sixteen. A fact that shocks me, I couldn't even imagine being married at such a young age. She wore the typical styles of the 40s, and it was a number of years before she became the blonde Sex Goddess we revere today. First there was a modeling career, which in turn led to dozens of bit and small parts, usually as the "dumb blonde," in low grade movies of the day. Marilyn achieved stardom in a series of films for 20th Century Fox Studios in the early 1950s: How To Marry A Millionaire, River Of No Return, There's No Business Like Show Business, The Seven Year Itch, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Some Like It Hot, and others are among my very favourites. Along with an excellent singing voice (never adequately appreciated), like Harlow, she also had a flair for comedy with impeccable comedic timing :)

The ladies from 'How To Marry A Millionaire' L-R: Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable & Lauren Bacall
Paired with her blonde curls, bright red lipstick, dramatic eyelashes, and high-arched brows, Marilyn created a signature look all of her own, which she is still recognised today. It is both classic and unique, and will forever be identified as “the” Monroe style. Whether it was her bodacious curves, or those full lips and flirtatious eyes, Marilyn’s legend extended far beyond the time of her passing, at the early age of 36.

 So if you're looking for Marilyn-style clothes, think: 1950s, everything tight, cinched waists, halter dresses, spaghetti strap dresses with slim skirts, skin-tight capri pants worn with flats, sleeveless blouses tied at the waist, cardigan twinsets...in other words, unsubtle figure flattering outfits.

Which style icons inspire you?


Thursday, March 22

You Make Me Happy ♥

Little things in my life that are making me smile lately:

♥ my beautiful friends who bring so much laughter, adventures, and randomness into my life
♥ painting my nails with an accent finger of GLITTER!
♥ reading my favourite beauty blogs whilst tucked up in bed
♥ watching TV shows about ghost hunting & the paranormal
♥ Spanish wine
♥ re-organising and sorting draws to their maximum potential
♥ sleeping in on weekends
♥ catching up on all my favourite weekly TV shows in one sitting
♥ singing to my budgie Angas
♥ spending way to much time and money in LUSH + reading about their new product release
♥ LUSH bath ball in Mrs Whippy
♥ wearing my hair in a topknot
♥ discovering my love for raw vegetables
♥ unhealthy addiction to Tiny Tower and Sims on my iPhone
♥ strong cups of coffee / tea
♥ eating feta and strawberries on toast....yum!
♥ watching my budgie Angas run full-sprint all over my bed quilt
♥ starting a picnicking tradition with friends  
♥ pastel colours....pinks...greens and teals. Love!
♥ MAC lipstick in Going Dutch - oh so pretty pink
♥ giant over-sized cookies
♥ cooler autumn weather
♥ Urban Decay Naked Palette
♥ crunchy autumn leaves underfoot whilst I go walking

Credit : CubaGallery

What are you loving at the moment?


Sunday, March 11

I Love Love Love

I love love love all of these items at the moment! A few of them featured in my 'Current Wants for 2012' post. Now the hunt begins to acquire these beautiful items. Since I've shared mine :) What are you in love with at the moment?

On another note, as many of you may already know I am a great admirer of Marilyn Monroe. I'm hoping to see the new film 'My Week with Marilyn' early this week at the cinema. Michelle Williams looks stunning in this film and I can't wait to see how she interprets Marilyn to the screen. Have you seen the movie yet?

love and longing looks,


Tuesday, March 6

Come with me

Hi everyone,

Well the past few weeks have been pretty crazy with my wisdom tooth extraction and travelling between the city and the country. I'm now all settled back into my house in the city and it feels great to be back with all my friends :) Here are some pictures of my travels/adventures/happenings over the past 2 weeks - come with me!

1) A pamphlet my surgeon gave me about wisdom teeth.
2) Me in my highly attractive hospital gown pre-surgery. Sorry it's a bit blurry was in a rush to take it before the nurse returned.
3) What I looked like post-surgery.

4) Delicious fruity and icy treat to soothe my swelling jaw :’(
5) Having to drink EVERYTHING from a straw = no fun at all.
6) Mmmm raspberry jelly and custard!
7) This super fruit smoothie helped me lots! So tasty!

8) A marshmallow overloaded hot chocolate I made myself whilst recovering.

9) I finally cleaned my fishtanks (i have 3) it took me hours.
10) Went to see Australia Vs India at Adelaide Oval with my family.
11)  Trying to decide what dress to wear......

12) My first attempt at making a cheesecake. I made Oreo and white chocolate cheesecake. Delish!
13) Oreo’s ready to be blended up for the cheesecake base.
 14) Had a bit of time to do some baking whilst on the mend from surgery. I discovered my favourite ‘go to’ cake Apple and Cinnamon Teacake.
15) I made Choc-bananna and Walnut & then an Apple and Cinnamon Teacake. So good! 

16) Strawberry Magherita.
17) My favorite – avocado and tomato on toast
18) Fortune Cookie time!
19) Rediscovered my love for creaming soda! Enjoyed one of these with my friends at my local Vintage and Antique Fair near my house. We felt transported in time as we sipped on our creaming soda, listening to old-time classic music at cute little tables with checkered tablecloths :)

20) Driving in my car back to Adelaide in the rain.
21) Breakfast with my boy, Angas :)

22) Mwah!
23) Random shots whilst out celebrating a friends birthday.
24)  I spy with my little eye.....The Phantom of the Opera.
25) A young fresh-faced Anthony Warlow :)

26) My new iPhone cover arrived – it’s so sparkly.
27) A cute little lamp I found in a thrift shop and restyled. Fits in perfectly with my bedroom decor.

28) I bought some Spanish Rioja wine to try. Love trying new wines. I'm thinking Argentinian or French next. What do you think? Any recommendations....

29) My February Lust Have it! box arrived in the mail. Will post about the contents soon, promise.
30) The cute wrapping paper that my elf cosmetics arrived in.
31) Some new ‘elf’ purchases: New eyelash curler, Cool Bronzer, Blush Bronzer Duo and Candid Coral Blush.
32) One of my favourite nail polishes in the new year - a happy canary yellow. Used it many times already! 

 33) Beauty desk :)

34/ 35/ 36) Behind the scenes photos from a photo shoot I was a part of this weekend. 

37) Love this shot from the shoot!!! Will do another post soon about the day.

Hair/Makeup by me. Model, Bridget. Photographer, the very talented Matt from Matt James Photography and also seen on Tumblr at Milkseeds

Keep in touch!


Monday, March 5

Wisdom no more

Hi everyone,

Pheeewwww! Okay, so it feels so good to be back after my wisdom teeth surgery. Luckily for me I only had less than 2 days between finding out I could get a spot in surgery after a consult with my surgeon. I think this was a blessing in disguise and I'm so happy it worked out that way.

I had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. Impacted wisdom teeth occur when the wisdom tooth is beneath the gums surface and covered by bone. My bottom 2 wisdom teeth were also laying horizontal and very verrry close to my facial nerve. I went into my local hospital as an outpatient in day-surgery and was under general anesthesia. I even had to get changed into a very attractive hideous hospital gown including foot booties and a shower cap style hat. The peak of hospital fashion! I was the last patient in surgery that day and had to wait in a teeny tiny little room with 5 other patients (in attractive gowns) whilst watching 'Grey's Anatomy' on TV, including surgery scenes. Really?! Yes, really! *sigh*

 The days events were all made easy by the fact that my Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon was smoking hot and had a charming accent to boot! So as the anesthesia raced up my arm in a cold flurry I drifted off to the land of slumber listening to this mysterious yet comforting man's voice.

Whilst I was under I did not dream - instead waking up in the hospital bed feeling like I had only closed my eyes for a moment. Until. I heard the nurse say "You right there hun? Let me just wipe the blood from off your face." Ohh my god I thought, how hideous I must look?! But really I didn't care, I was just happy it was all over with. After about 2 minutes I saw a familiar familial face pop around the corner of recovery; my brother. He works at the hospital, and wanted to check in on how I was doing.......hahah sweet hey! I thought so too until I saw a big grin spread across his face as he said "WOW! Look at your face pup!" (my nickname) and from that moment on he named me Alvin. Thanks bro! I lay there, on the hospital bed as my brother gazed at me in horror staring at my pasty-white, mumbling-self with blood dribbling down my mouth. Charming!
So overall, it all went well with no problems apart from the horrible/unsightly swelling. But that was expected. Over the next few days I had both pain medication and antibiotics to keep me on the road to recovery : ) It was not until the 2/3/4 days did I feel the full effect of the surgery. The bruising has nothing on the swelling - I looked like this for over a week:

I am finally now after 2 weeks feeling nearly 100%. I only have one of my four stitches left in my mouth and can eat mostly anything in sight.

I have lots of exciting things to blog about in the next few days including a 'Monthly Favourites' post, 'NOTD' and I was lucky enough to do hair/makeup for a photo-shoot this weekend. So keep a look out! I will be busily tapping away at this laptop for you :) Keep in touch!

What are your experiences with wisdom teeth removal?



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