Friday, September 28

September Photo-A-Day Challenge (Part 2)

Hi everyone,

If you have read my previous post you would know that I have dipped my proverbial toe in the water with my first Photo-A-Day Challenge. This particular challenge was created by Priceline here in Australia :) If you are not familiar with this store it is similar to Boots/ Superdrug in (UK) & Sally's/ CVS/ Walgreens in (USA).

The month of September is quickly coming to an end so here is the second installment of my 'September Photo-A-Day Challenge'...............

Day 11: Timeout! 'My daily timeout- walking, clearing my mind, and spending time with nature'
  Day 12: Nail art/manicure! 'Butter London in Yummy Mummy' 
Day 13: Cult Favourite 'My Urban Decay Naked Palettes' 
Day 14: Guilty Pleasure! 'Fluffy bed socks & cuddles with budgie Angas' 
Day 15: Inside my bag! 'Retro Glomesh necessities'  
Day 16: Lazy Sunday! 'Strawberries & Cream Cake time with friends'
Day 17: Shine! 'Afternoon sun shadows & shining tree blossoms' 
Day 18: Colour! 'Brightly coloured tea storage at T2 - perfect for spring!'  
Day 19: Texture! 'Yummy Prawn Dumplings - so many textures in one picture!'
  Day 20: Pout! 'Fab pink polish in Knockout POUT'
If you have Instagram and would like to follow each other, it would make my day! 

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Hope you are having a beautiful week,


Monday, September 24

September Photo-A-Day-Challenge! (Part 1)

Happy September everyone!

My favourite season of the year SPRING is upon us! The start of a new month and the beginning of spring has inspired me to commit to my first 'Photo-A-Day Challenge' run through Priceline on Instagram.

I've decided to post it here on the blog too. I love reading these types of posts, so I though why not give it a go?! If you're doing a similar challenge now - set me up with your links. I would love to have a look!

Day 1: Beauty (I was invited to ABC 2012)

Day 2: Spring (My favourite time of the year)

Day 3: Self Portrait (self indulgent selfie time)

Day 4: Latest Buy (Beautifully light but very moisturising)

Day 5: Eyes (Puppy dog eyes)

Day 6: Wish List (The ever increasing list of lusts)

Day 7: My Friday (Springtime walks)

Day 8: Streetstyle (Night out!)

Day 9: Fun! (Michael Jackson impersonator)

Day 10: Friends! (Mad Men vintage themed birthday party)

What have you been loving in September?

Take care,


Saturday, September 22

Hello Helloberry!

Hello everyone,

On August 1st it was my birthday! Like with most gift-giving occasions I had the forever awkward task of subtly hinting to friends and family my desired presents :) Okay, I'm going to be honest and say there was actually nothing subtle about it, there may have been a list. Only to help and offer a guide, as I know it is so frustrating when you have no idea what to get someone for their birthday.

It was then that I found Helloberry!

I had been ogling the WHOLE Helloberry collection on the Helloberry website  and Etsy for quite some time now. It all began when I saw some 'Arm Candy' blog posts and then pins on Pinterest

First of all, I was meserised by the shiny bright items and then I clicked onto the Helloberry Shop :) I was also pleasantly surprised with how affordable their pieces were, starting from $15-$35 AUD. As I am not one for super expensive jewels dripping off my extremities, unless they are forced upon me :) I thought that this was the perfect gift giving idea!

So by now you are probably wondering Who is Helloberry? Where is the product from? Below is a short little blurb about Helloberry from the creators.

"Helloberry is the lovechild of three Torontonian girlfriends who 
 share a passion for good food, good wine, fun travels and all the pretty little things in between. We're weak for things that hold a burst of colour, a dash of shine and a hint of sparkle. We're bringing you all things sweet & fresh -- keeping helloberry always in season."

I decided upon two bracelet pieces from the Helloberry shop! The 'Gold Dust' & 'Wishing Hearts' bracelets.

Here are a few more pictures of the Helloberry birthday love I received from my beautiful friends...............

Had you heard of Helloberry? What are your favourite 'arm candy' accessories in your collection?

 Hope you have enjoyed reading this jewellery confession post!

Always love to hear from you, keep in touch! Until next time have a beautiful week!


*This is NOT a sponsored/endorsed post

Wednesday, September 12

Come with me - Instagram #9

Hi everyone,

Another little snippet into my days, come with me!

♥ Coffee
♥ Random Potato
♥ Tea Party with friends - Orange Cake!
♥ Porridge with Almond Milk & Cinnamon
♥ Budgie kisses 
♥ Healthy kickstart - Vegetable juice

♥ My birthday on my Kitten Calender 
♥ Birthday cupcake!
♥ A spot of tea & raisin toast for breakfast 
♥ Afternoon walks
♥ My favourite mug at my parents house
♥ Recent Essie polish love


Sunday, September 9

High Tea Society

High Tea anyone?

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I decided this was the perfect occasion for a High Tea! Well, honestly I would have found any occasion for it. I did a fair bit of research into High Tea venues in and around Adelaide, and after reading many a review I decided upon the Sunday High Tea at The Stamford Grand at Glenelg.

Yummy treats, beautiful friends and tea, yes please!

The views of the stormy and dark seafront from The Promenade Restaurants floor to ceiling windows were breathtaking with abundant natural light. The atmosphere was relaxed with quiet jazz music rhythmically playing under our chatterings. We were greeted promptly at reception and seated on a table for six I had reserved under one of their ornate chandeliers :)

Sparkly & pretty chandelier hanging overhead

First, we were offered the choice of tea or coffee. I opted for coffee first to help me recover from the previous nights antics. I later enjoyed two cups of tea also, I love tea obviously! After we had settled into our surrounds two beautifully and may I say tasty 3 tiered high tea stands made their spectacular entrance to the room and arrived at our table. I will let the mouthwatering pictures speak for themselves............

♥ Fresh Fruit Tartlets
♥ Belgian Chocolate Tears
♥ Raspberry & Lime Chiboust  

Ohhhh me, oh my!

Bright & bursting with flavour!

♥ Fresh Baked Scones

They arrived still warm from the oven....mmmm....

♥ Apricot Jam / Raspberry Jam / Freshly Whipped Cream

♥ Salmon, Cream Cheese Dill & Watercress
♥ Ham, Corn Relish, Lettuce & Spinach
♥ Cucumber, Lettuce & Mayonnaise (Vegetarian)

My beautiful friend Matt who blogs at milkseeds mysteriously masked

Here are the important details you need to know :

  • What: Adelaide High Tea at Glenelg
  • Where: Stamford Grand Adelaide in The Promenande Restaurant
  • When: High Tea Weekdays 12 - 5pm / Weekends 12:30 - 2:30pm & 3 - 5pm
  • Availability: Bookings are essential & subject to availability
  • Price: 3 types of High Tea are available ranging from $25.50 - $39 per person

* High Teas are for a minimum of two people

My favourite from the High Tea was the Belgian Chocolate Tears - they tasted like deliciously chocolately clouds of mousse that melted in your mouth. The only frustration for the day was no separate billing, which is always annoying when you eat out with a group of friends. Apart from that minor issue The Promenade Restaurant provided a beautiful atmosphere for relaxed Sunday chats with friends and yummy treats to boot!

I loved my first High Tea experience at the Stamford Grand Adelaide and would most definitely do it again! 

Have you had a favourite High Tea experience? 

I would love to hear from you!

Take care,


*This is not a sponsored/endorsed post.


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