Tuesday, February 14

Come with me

Hi everyone,

After recently finally joining the iPhone revolution.....long awaited indeed. I am now noticing I'm taking a lot more pictures throughout my day, be it at home or out and about. Mostly randomness I know, but I am actually enjoying the concept of documenting my journeys through life and being able to look back on the mundane, the funny and the adventures I take (with my iPhone in hand). So here we go with my first post of a type of 'My Week in Photos' style blog post!

  1. My favourite locally sourced free-range eggs that have cute Eggy sayings on them :)
  2. I cooked Pork Dumplings for the first time = delicious success!
  3. My adorable budgie Angas
  4. Nail art - neon leopard print
  5. Home made Feta Bruschetta with grapes for lunch mmmmm
  6. Royale Eggs Benedict whilst out for breakfast one morning
  7. My ghost hunting supplies for ghosting adventure with friends last weekend
  8. A double shot espresso caramel mocktail shake! Wow!
  9. My budgie Angas as his second love, after me of course....chewing PAPER!
  10. View of the open road - on my travels to visit my family in the rural countryside
  11. A precious little pair of owls I found for my collection whilst out thrifting/ op-shopping :)
  12. A beautiful pink moon rising over the Aussie bushland. When I see this I feel like I'm home
  13. Yummy alfresco lunch I had with my mum and brother the other day
  14. The view from the alfresco lunch balcony over the Murray River
  15. A prize I won and recently received in the mail - hair colour. Can't wait to try it!
  16. An amazingly tasty chicken, pumpkin, walnut, and feta salad I made with a friend for dinner
  17. Me and my two current favourites - over-sized knit and colourful wayfarer sunglasses
  18. A delicately patterned tea cup and saucer set I recently received from a friend. I adore it so much! Here I'm enjoying one of my favourites teas, mint lavender tisane.

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