Wednesday, October 3

September Photo-A-Day-Challenge (Part 3 Finale)

Hi everyone,

September has come and gone with the blink of an eye and my Photo-A-Day Challenge is all finished!

Here is my final post for my Photo-A-Day Challenge. I hope you have enjoyed them, I had a lot of fun doing my first challenge. I plan on sitting this month out, but can't wait to do another one soon :)

Have you taken the Photo-A-Day Challenge yet?

 Day 20: Pout! 'Shameful selfie shot'
(Silly me! I doubled up on Day 20 with an impromptu self portrait. Classy!)

Day 21: Perfume! 'A freshly cut rose is my most favourite perfume' 

Day 22: My hair! 'Just a few caramel & blonde highlights'

Day 23: My favourite place! 'Sunday. Bed. Coffee. Sparkles'  

Day 24: 'Makeup Drawer 'everything in its place'

 Day 25: Something cute! 'Budgie Angas waiting for his wishy-washes outside on the lawn'

 Day 26: Morning routine! 'Vanilla coffee, macaroons & makeup time'

Day 27: Shoes! 'I love winter but I'm so happy it's now spring!' 

 Day 28: Love! 'I think it's love'

Day 29: Saturday Night 'Picnic in bed, watching Downton Abbey with Mum. Spot the budgie photobomb!'

Day 30: Fab! 'Deliciously fab high tea I enjoyed yesterday with my mum'

If you have Instagram and would like to follow each other, it would make my day!

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Take care,



  1. urban decay!!! haha i wanna try this challenge but i'll probably forget >.< great photos!

  2. Your morning routine looks fab! Love your soft and fluffy makeup brushes. The high tea picture looks scrumptious too :)

  3. You have such a cute blog. Following you back now. :)

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous blog! So lovely, well written and fab photo's! ehhe I've decided to give you a follow - do you think you could take a peek at my blog and perhaps follow back please?
    Thank you



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