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| NEW | LUSH | Solid Shampoo Bars | 'Ditch the bottle and head for the bar' |

I have to admit I am one of those people who have never tried any LUSH shampoo products - let alone their Solid Shampoo Bars. My perfect opportunity arose when I was contacted by LUSH about the release of new Solid Shampoo Bar varieties earlier in the year. After being sent some products to try I have had time to test and trial the NEW varieties and must admit - I am now a convert!

The NEW varieties have witty and fun names, always expected from LUSH! Including: 
BraziliantMontalbanoHoney I Washed My Hair / Copperhead / Jason & The Argan Oil.

Mane Carnival! 
Strengthen and condition hair with andiroba oil, a new ingredient we are using from the Brazilian rainforest, and lift your mood with sunny orange oil.

Image Credit - LUSH Australia
Head of all heads!
Sicilian lemon oil, olives and rosemary make this the godfather of shampoos for shiny hair, while popping candy simulates mafia gunfire! A really citrusy shampoo bar to leave the hair squeaky clean.

Image Credit - LUSH Australia

Beehive, honey! 
A honey shampoo made with our best-selling toffee sweet scent, for soft and shiny hair with a little lift. With 5% Fair Trade honey, hair is left really softened without being flattened and full of moisture. Comb, honey?

Image Credit - LUSH Australia
LEFT - Braziliant (orange) / MIDDLE - Honey I Washed my Hair (Cream) / RIGHT Montalbano (Yellow).

Perk up your hair!
Perk up your hair with this mild shampoo, ideal for coloured locks. With coffee and melted henna (caca rouge) for shine. Although it won’t actually colour your hair, it is a great choice for colour treated dark hair, conditioning it and bringing out the tones.

Image Credit - LUSH Australia

Great hair is no myth!
On a quest for stronger, shinier, softer hair? Try this argan oil-packed, Rose Jam-scented bar. Ideal for those with lighter hair tones.

Image Credit - LUSH Australia

LEFT - Copperhead (earthy toned) & RIGHT - Jason & The Argan Oil (pink).

- ALL only $13.95 each -

What I love the most about LUSH Solid Shampoo Bars is that you are left with beautiful smelling hair post shower BUT can enjoy the experience of heady aromas whilst lathering up in the shower too! Another feature that I find handy is the Shampoo Bars portability. Forget lugging around a huge shampoo container on your next holiday, or decanting shampoo into tiny bottles (that are often left half used in the cupboard upon return). 

It's a nifty idea I think - thanks LUSH! You can even purchase iddy-biddy metallic tins to house your Solid Shampoo Bars for transport or to help them stay in shape for longer. They retail at LUSH for only $4.95 and help reduce the need for extra packaging that can contribute to landfill.
Image Credit - LUSH Australia


My favourite Solid Shampoo's were the Montalbano & Braziliant varieties for their citrus freshness and ability to thoroughly clean my grease prone fine hair. Also, the Jason and The Argan Oil bar provided a more gentle cleansing experience without stripping my hair of natural oils (thanks to the present Argan Oil). The final two - Honey I Washed My Hair & Copperhead are fantastic products on their own but could not compete with the aforementioned front-runners. I found Honey I Washed My Hair was just too gentle for my hair cleansing needs - leaving me with slightly limp locks. Whilst Copperhead is aimed at darker tresses it still worked okay but lacked the deliciously scented lure of the other bars.

RATING:   / 5

You can follow NEW LUSH product releases / information / & their fun antics via:

Did you know LUSH have opened a NEW store at Marion Shopping Centre in Adelaide?

 I will be attending an exclusive Beauty Blogger evening of fun and fizziness to help celebrate the opening of the NEW Marion store. Come along with me via my Instagram feed TODAY FRIDAY 14th August for LUSH product demonstrations and a night of pampering.

Have you tried any of the Solid Shampoo Bars from LUSH?


*All products provided for consideration from LUSH Australia.

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