Monday, May 28

Come with me - Instagram #5 (Late Edition)

Hi everyone,

Here's a little pictorial update of what's been happening in my travels lately. Some of these pictures are from around Easter time - so apologies for this 'Late Edition' of my usual  'Come with me - Instragram' posts.

1. Are you crazy for CHOCOLATE like me? My favourite choc cook book : P
2. Swiss Mushroom Pasta
3. I love mushrooms!
4. Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. I won this through a competition run through Instragram! Love!
5. Roast Chicken with Thyme Vegetables
6. Marilyn and perfume :)
7. Red lips - MAC Ruby Woo
8. Out to lunch - Chicken Salad
9. Omelet making - I love how the eggs I buy each have little messsages on them. Brightens my day :)
10. Caramel coffee for two
11. White Choc & Peppermint Aero Muffins
12. Gold Ombre Nails
13. Crocheted pillow love
14. Grilled zuchinni with spiced chicken and homemade tomato relish
15. Giving my budgie Angas a wash
16. Chocolate icecream with raspberry sauce and pistachios
17. Easter breakfast with the family - classic fry up deliciousness
18. View from bed - could stay in bed forever.....
19. Morning coffee in my favourite fluffy robe
20. Angas playing with my mum. Sometime I think she misses him more than me ;)
21. A crazy 'Aussie inspired' floating house contraption - including a pet chicken named Chook!
22. My beautiful friend handmade some Easter Chocolates for me- look what she sneakily hid in the bottom of the chocolates. I could not stop laughing!
23. Easter chocolates taste the best - don't you think?
24. A bit of nail art on a lazy afternoon. Multi-coloured Neon Leopard-Print Nails. I love this Rimmel nail polish in Lemon Drop. It's the perfect pastel shade of yellow.

If you're on Instragram why not add me :) I always follow back! Find me under @profound_feline

Hope you are all well and making a positive start to your week!



  1. I really like these Instagram Posts! Its like a little pretty window into your day! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks so much Laura! I love looking at other peoples Instagram posts, it's always an interesting view into their world like you said. I will try and upload more regularly from now on :) take care x.k.



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