Thursday, May 31

Handbag Love

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all well and getting excited for the first official day of winter tomorrow, June 1st! I know I am, it's my favourite month of the year :) Any excuse for wearing more accessories makes me a happy lady. 

I had been meaning to write this blog post many weeks ago, but as it turns out I'm now certain my feelings for my new handbag are true love and not just love at first sight. After about 2 months of practical use of this handbag I have found it to be one of my 'go to' in all honesty I do switch up my bag to go with different looks/occasions. Hahaha I'm such a girl, I know!

Anyway, before this post gets too text-rich I will tell you where I found my bag, then onto the photos! I found this handbag on a solo shopping expedition when I wasn't actually searching for a bag. That always seems to be the way with me. I always find my most treasured items out of the blue. I was shopping in RUBI Shoes (which also has accessories etc). There was only one black, and 3 caramel coloured bags left in stock. I was leaning towards the caramel (as I don't own a bag in that colour) but I am so glad I chose classic black. I adore the gold padlock detail as it differs from my other black handbag which has silver chain accents. To make it better the handbag was $19.95 - down from $49.95 = DEAL! So here it is.......

The style of my handbag reminds me so much of the Birkin Bag with black leather and gold hardware by Parisian designer Hermes. Although, in comparison puchasing this little baby would set you back a $5,300 +


I hope this post hasn't been too much of a bore. I just wanted to share my handbag love with you. Do you have a favourite handbag that you adore, or one you are lusting after? 

Would love to hear your thoughts as always :)


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