Thursday, August 30

Top Five - Autumn/Winter Nail Polish

Hi all,

Back in June I started a 'Top Five - Autumn/Winter' style post for makeup and beauty items I'm loving. As we are nearing the end of August, spring is now on its way. I thought I better get my posts in before winter leaves us. 

This post is all about Autumn/Winter nail polishes! Although I always have a weakness for hot pinks, mint greens and glitter polishes I also enjoy merging into cooler, richer tones for the cooler months of the year. I've picked five of my favourite Autumn/Winter nail polishes spanning numerous brand names. Here we go!

Revlon, Models Prefer, Australis, & L'Oreal nail polish
Revlon Top Speed in '730 Royal'
Revlon 'Royal'  - x2 coats applied
Revlon Metallic in '932 Copper Penny'
'Copper Penny' - x1 coat is all that is needed
Models Prefer in 'OK11 Role Model'
'Role Model' - x2 coats applied
Australis Nail Colour in '51082 Kick The Bucket'
'Kick The Bucket' x2 coats applied
L'Oreal  Resist & Shine Titanium in '737' Makes me sad when they aren't given a name :(
'737' x2 coats applied
It has tiny flecks of gold and a hint of peridot green in the sunlight

Let me know what you think! :)

Have you tried any of these nail polishes? What are you favourite colours for autumn/winter?



  1. Great colors! I haven't tried any of those colors before. I am totally not ready for fall yet. I'm in Las Vegas though, so summer will stick around for another good month and a half, lol. I'll definitely have to check those out though. :) Thanks for the follow follower as well :)

    Rosie xo

  2. Hi Rosie,

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and the lovely comment :)
    Your so lucky that your only coming into fall/winter now. Although I love spring here in Australia, I'm already missing all the autumn/winter colours. Keep in touch!



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