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Who is she? Can you help her? Name the Adelaide Beauty Conference mascot! [Competition Entry]

Hello everyone,

The Adelaide 2012 Beauty Conference (ABC) is almost upon us!

This year, ABC has taken on the theme Australian born and bred: Supporting our local beauty industry. 

I have been lucky enough to be invited to this year's conference. Audible screams of joy were heard by all those around when the invite graced my inbox last week. I'm so overjoyed to be meeting all the lovely people who are attending this year, and network with fellow Adelaide bloggers. It will be my first ABC and I am beyond excited! Limited spots were available for the conference this year so I'm grateful to be one of the lucky ladies in attendance. 

Registrations for the 2012 ABC have now closed and invites sent to attendees. If you would like to read more about the wonderful team behind the Adelaide Beauty Conference (ABC) and what is happening in the Adelaide blogging scene here is the link the ABC website! 

As a component of this year's Adelaide Beauty Conference, they are running a competition to name the ABC's mascot. Therefore, I thought why not try my hand at helping name this mysterious mascot madame.

Below is my entry. Have a read and let me know what you think. Fingers crossed!


THE DILEMMA...................................

The ABC's mascot has forgotten her name! She doesn't even know how she ended up at the Adelaide Beauty Conference! Can you help her remember her identity?

Who is she?
                What is her name?
                                    Can you help her?

Source: ABC website

Let me introduce.........

*******      Matilda Mae Kup      *******

Natural beauty by day, beauty obsessed blogger by night.

Matilda lives along Adelaide's picturesque coastline. A true blue Aussie surfer girl with a penchant for all things beauty and beautiful. Always sunny and optimistic Matilda loves the limelight but would never steal the show from under you!

Matilda can often be spotted riding the tram to Glenelg's beaches, sipping a latte in North Adelaide cafe's, shopping in Rundle Mall with friends, and even chowing down on some traditional German fare at Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. 

Never vain, yet always vivacious Matilda appreciates her natural beauty, freckles and all! Matilda believes inner beauty shines brightest through personality, with makeup only enhancing beauty, individuality, and confidence.

Beginning her blog was a natural progression for Matilda. Artistic flair for the written word, art, colour, and transforming the ordinary into extraordinary is her passion! Novice to natural born beauty blogger, Matilda has met many creative bloggers who give her growing confidence with their kind words of encouragement.

Honey brown curls tousle upon her shoulders, glowing cheekbones frame her face, almond shaped hazel eyes sparkle and disarm her audience. Her lips ever ready to curve into a welcoming smile, Matilda has the inner beauty to match her flair for makeup mastery.

creative. humble. fun-loving. caring. passionate.

These are the qualities of Matilda Mae Kup!

"Hi Matilda! Welcome to the Adelaide 2012 Beauty Conference!"

Courtesy of ABC


What do you think about Matilda Mae Kup? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

as always, take care and enjoy your day!


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