Saturday, September 22

Hello Helloberry!

Hello everyone,

On August 1st it was my birthday! Like with most gift-giving occasions I had the forever awkward task of subtly hinting to friends and family my desired presents :) Okay, I'm going to be honest and say there was actually nothing subtle about it, there may have been a list. Only to help and offer a guide, as I know it is so frustrating when you have no idea what to get someone for their birthday.

It was then that I found Helloberry!

I had been ogling the WHOLE Helloberry collection on the Helloberry website  and Etsy for quite some time now. It all began when I saw some 'Arm Candy' blog posts and then pins on Pinterest

First of all, I was meserised by the shiny bright items and then I clicked onto the Helloberry Shop :) I was also pleasantly surprised with how affordable their pieces were, starting from $15-$35 AUD. As I am not one for super expensive jewels dripping off my extremities, unless they are forced upon me :) I thought that this was the perfect gift giving idea!

So by now you are probably wondering Who is Helloberry? Where is the product from? Below is a short little blurb about Helloberry from the creators.

"Helloberry is the lovechild of three Torontonian girlfriends who 
 share a passion for good food, good wine, fun travels and all the pretty little things in between. We're weak for things that hold a burst of colour, a dash of shine and a hint of sparkle. We're bringing you all things sweet & fresh -- keeping helloberry always in season."

I decided upon two bracelet pieces from the Helloberry shop! The 'Gold Dust' & 'Wishing Hearts' bracelets.

Here are a few more pictures of the Helloberry birthday love I received from my beautiful friends...............

Had you heard of Helloberry? What are your favourite 'arm candy' accessories in your collection?

 Hope you have enjoyed reading this jewellery confession post!

Always love to hear from you, keep in touch! Until next time have a beautiful week!


*This is NOT a sponsored/endorsed post

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