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| BENEFIT Fake Up Launch & ABBM April Meet |

The April ABBM Adelaide Beauty Blogger Meetup was an invite to attend the LAUNCH of the NEW Fake Up Concealer by BENEFIT San Fransisco! The event was held in the MYER One lounge & hosted by the beautiful Benefit ladies Gemma, Joyce & ABBM's very own Kitty who is counter manager for Benefit in MYER Rundle Mall.  The girls not only highlighted the Fake Up concealer, but took us through the current product lines & even a soon to be released product! 

It was a night of Mystery, Intrigue, Fun, Food & Fake Up of course!

Image: ABBM

Admittedly, I am a newbie to BENEFIT, but I am a quick convert! I have long admired many of their products.....They're Real Mascara....Hoola Bronzer....Coralista Blush.....Erase Paste Concealer.....The POREfessional Primer just to name a few.

I'm sure you've heard of one or ALL of these beauty gems. We were lucky enough to have the array of beautifully packaged BENEFIT products laid out on the table in front of us. Heaven! Such fun!

After having the opportunity to learn more about the brand/products & even have a play with the aforementioned goodies I could see & definietly feel the quality! 

The STAR of the show was definitely BENEFIT Fake Up sitting pretty at the front. Isn't the packaging just stunning? In fact, it could be mistaken for a high end lipstick. Sleek packaging and beautifully embossed with pretty pink scrolls all over, Fake Up is almost too pretty to be a concealing product isn't it?

Here is a close up of the Fake Up concealer with its stunning and sturdy metallic casing!

Fake Up was only just released in Australian BENEFIT stores on April 20th & retails for AUD $35.

Source: Benefit

After enjoying some of the delicious treats provided it was down to business. Beauty business, that is!

We were introduced to Gemma - the BENEFIT detective. It was then we were asked to solve the mystery of the missing Fake Up concealer.......

Our clue:

"Find something in this room to quench your thirst and the missing Fake Up will be hidden nearby...Oh and forget about the water cooler : that's too easy!"

We found it! Hidden in plain sight - right under our noses. In the handle of beauty mirrors on our table.

It was now time to meet Professor PINK aka Joyce from BENEFIT! Joyce guided us through the components of BENEFIT's Fake Up that actually 'benefit' (no pun intended) and nourish the skin, with the help of vitamin E & apple seed extract. 

Demonstration time! Here we had the chance to get hands on. It's always fun and helpful when getting to know a new product. Basically it was a visual representation of the hydrating affect of Fake Up concealer upon the skin.

Spot the 'hidden' Fake Up concealer in the handle of the beauty mirror. Can you see it?

Hydration to the max! Yes please! Anything to help add more moisture to my skin. Thanks BENEFIT!

"The Benefit Fake Up concealer is a hydrating crease control concealer that instantly hides dark circles & diffuses fine lines for silky smooth coverage"

Fake Up contains both vitamin E & apple seed extract and is proven to keep skin hydrated for 6 hours, says BENEFIT

Fake Up does what it says, my delicate under eye area does feel more hydrated. In the past I have had issues with the creasing of my under eye concealers, but not with Fake Up! After setting the concealer with a light weight transparent powder, it is good for the day & does not budge. Thumbs up, I say! 

All bloggers in attendance at the Fake Up launch were lucky enough to be gifted a sweet little goodie bag containing the Fake Up concealer in Medium & BENEFIT's They're Real Mascara! I am honestly head over heels in LOVE with both products already and have incorporated them into my daily makeup face. 

BENEFIT's Fine ONE ONE is a product that also caught my eye on the night. Again, I am a sucker for pretty packaging - I know this, you know this. In this case a rose gold wind up stick that does a 3-in-1 job.

Fine ONE ONE is a sheer brightening cheek & lip colour - offering 3 shades - pink champagne / sheer watermelon / & soft coral. Giving your look an instant LIFT, SHAPE and POP!

RRP AUD $44.

Source: Benefit

Below you can see BENEFIT makeup artist Kitty (right) applying Fine ONE ONE to the stunning Amy from Bottled Beauty (left).

...........all the pretty things.

Then it was Brow Makeover Time! Makeup artist Kitty can be seen teaching us how to shape & fill in the brows. This is a key step in framing the face and creating an overall polished look. Brow makeover volunteer was Suki from Suki's Tsunami. Suki loved the final results!

At the launch I also learnt that for BENEFIT, it all started with the brows! They are most popular globally for their 'Brow Bars' where you can get a brow makeover and learn what products will 'benefit' your brow look!

'Raising Eyebrows' is a book solely dedicated to "your personal guide to fabulous brows". I think this would be a great reference book for someone starting out in makeup or any brow obsessed individual. 

Another secret on the night :) We got a sneak preview of an upcoming NEW release from BENEFIT


The Creaseless Cream Shadows come in 7 shades.

Source: Benefit

The Ultra plush Lipgloss come in 6 shades, with cute names like; Lollibop | Fauxmance | & Poutrageous!

Source: Benefit
Source: Benefit
The Longwear Powder Eyeshadows come in 12 shades. From light nudes to deeper hues.

The Colour Collection has something for every taste & releases May 11th 2013.

The beautiful Adelaide beauty blogger Kate from Seduced by Beauty  filmed the nights festivities, and it can be seen via Youtube here.If you would like to learn more about BENEFIT & Fake Up you can head to their official site at

A special THANK YOU must go out to the wonderful BENEFIT team of Gemma & Joyce who travelled all the way from Sydney, & of course the one & only ABBM'er Kitty from Miss Kitty Charms

I can safely say that all the ABBM girls had an absolute blast! It was a special treat for BENEFIT to host our monthly meet & provide an evening of such fun, entertainment & laughter. 

Just remember.............

" Laughter is the best cosmetic...

so grin and wear it! "

Make your day beautiful! 



  1. Great write up on a very good night with Benefit. I am new to Benefit too but I found their products very apealing. Hope to catch you at the next meetup : )

    1. Hi Susannah! :)

      Thanks so much! Benefit products are just stunning aren't they? I'm in love! I hope we can catch up at the next meet too :) it was such a busy night I didn't get to meet all the new faces.
      Take care,

  2. Great wrap up - I feel like I went to the event again Kristal :-) Like you, I have incorporated the Fake Up and They're Real into my beauty routine already. I am particularly impressed with the mascara as I have very short straight lashes and They're Real really make them look fabulous.

    It was such a fun night that really showed us what Benefit are all about. They are about producing a fabulous product that makes you feel great whilst having a lot of fun.

    I can't wait to explore more of their fabulous products.

    1. Hi Kate, :)

      Thanks so much for your comment! That's great that you are enjoying the products as much as I am. I agree with you, the mascara is fantastic. I would definitely purchase this when I run out.

      Take care & see you soon!,


  3. I love the photos you took at this event! I keep neglecting to bring my DSLR due to its weight but I know it's better than my point n shoot! :/

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Thank you! These photos were actually just taken with my trusty 'point & shoot' camera. I wish I did have a DSLR. I had some serious DSLR camera envy on the night when I saw people with their cameras :) Heehee!




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