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REVIEW | The NEW Dove Pure Spray Deodorant |

Hi everyone,

It's REVIEW TIME! Today I am talking about the NEW Dove Pure Spray Deodorant just released in Australia.

|   Dove Pure Deodorant Spray   |

Just what your underarms need. Nothing more.

Let me tell you a little about my underarms :) I have overly sensitive skin, it reacts to everything. So when contacted by Dove to review Dove Pure I knew it was for me! It is especially created for those with sensitive skin, like me!

The new Dove Pure Deodorant is free from some of the most common irritants & contains only the essential ingredients to help keep your underarms feeling dry & looking healthy.

Dove Pure Deodorant contains:

 NO fragrance

  NO parabens

    NO colourants

NO alcohol

Dove Pure contains 1/4 moisturising cream which actively helps put back what shaving takes out. Skin-natural lipids help strengthen the natural moisture barrier, helping to prevent skin dryness, claims Dove.

Dove Pure is Dermatological tested and also Hypoallergenic. 

My experience with deodorants is usually one of love | hate. I often get skin irritation or itching when using deodorants, which drives me crazy. 

I am happy that Dove Pure Deodorant is a fragrance FREE product! I have read that fragrance is well known by dermatologists to be one of the MOST common causes of skin irritation in cosmetic products. In fact, whilst using Dove Pure Deodorant over the past 4 weeks, any skin irritations I once experienced have disappeared. 

Fragrance free deodorant is a new concept for me. Having zero fragrance to the skin is actually a cool and refreshing aspect to value in a deodorant product. By the end of the day my skin is just nice, clean, and fresh feeling. It also means I can wear my favourite perfume without having a clash of fragrances.

I found the Dove Pure Spray Deodorant packaging simple, functional, and in fact quite elegant in appearance.

Apart from minimising skin irritation, I found Dove Pure Spray Deodorant did the job all deodorants should do. Keeping me fresh throughout the day!

I love Dove Pure deodorant. It is my new deodorant.

My rating: ★ / 5

Dove Pure aerosol RRP AUD $5.25. 

It is also available in a roll on, RRP AUD $3.89.

Available from all grocery & pharmacy stores.

Make your day beautiful! 


I was kindly sent this product for review. Accepting a product for consideration does not guarantee a feature. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own, and are always 100% honest & unbiased. Any sponsored or affiliate links will be clearly stated. Thank you!


  1. Got to love this! I got the roll on (my review is scheduled to post in the next few days - would you mind if I linked to your review of the spray?) and LOVE it! I never knew fragrances made such an impact and now it's like a whole new world without them! In deodorants at least - YES to being able to wear perfumes that won't clash!

    1. Hi Suki :)

      Great to hear from you! I can't wait to read your blogpost experience about the product. Of course you can link me into your post :D Can I do the same when yours goes live?

      I agree about fragrance, I never really gave it much thought before. Not clashing with perfume is a HUGE plus!

      Keep in touch!

  2. Replies
    1. That's great Betzy! I hope it works for you as well

      Please let me know how it works for you!




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