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| REVIEW | Botanical Creations Waterless Hand Cleanser in Wild Mixedberries & Sweetie Marshmallows |

Review time again! Today, it is Waterless Hand Cleansers from Botanical Creations! 

If you are like me, waterless hand cleaners are a product I will use all year round. Although, I think their time to shine is in winter. Waterless hand cleansers are the perfect weapon for protecting yourself against nasty germs in the winter cold & flu months.

Botanical Creations

Waterless Hand Cleansers

'Wild Mixedberries & Sweetie Marshmallows'

Wandering aimlessly through Priceline one day dreaming of an endless beauty budget, I stumbled upon these little darlings. I didn't set out to purchase any hand sanitiser products when I ventured into Priceline, but alas, the scents were just too heavenly!

Two more products I bought for no reason, more so because they were cheap and looked super cute! But WOW! I am happy I picked these up. Since making this purchase I have returned and procured the Lemon scent too for a fresh and less sweetened scent.

SCENTS AVAILABLE:    Wild Mixedberries | Sweetie Marshmallows | Fresh Peach
                                                Lemon | Pink Grapefruit | Vanilla Fresh Sugar   

If you are from America, then you are lucky to have the Bath & Body Works line of scented hand sanitisers. Unfortunately, we do not have this brand in Australia and Botanical Creations Waterless Hand Cleansers are  the closest in similarity that I have found.

Botanical Creations Waterless Hand Cleanser is perfect to use before applying you're own makeup, it is small so you can tuck it into your handbag for daily use, and it is long lasting. In the past couple of weeks, I have used it 30 or more times throughout my day. A very handy product indeed!




Sturdy and functional packaging. See through packaging allows you to see how much product you have left. A secure "click" lid closure guarantees no leaking of the product. 


AUD $ 3.45

  • Cheap!
  • Non-drying on the skin
  • No sticky residue 
  • Deliciously scented. I get lots of compliments!
  • Cute packaging
  • Lots of product 
  • Size. Compact enough to carry in your handbag for daily use
  • solid "click" closure (no worries of leakage in your favourite handbag)

  • Availability. I have only found this brand of Waterless Hand Cleaners in Australian Priceline stores
  • Limited scent varieties. I would love some seasonal scents!
  • When using the product, you don't always get an even dispersion of the blue beads


That's really it! Overall, it is a FUN product to use! It leaves my hands feeling fresh, cleansed, and it is non drying on delicate skin. The scents are very uplifting to use as a functional pick-me-up throughout your day. 

                                                                Rating:  / 5

What are your favourite hand sanitisers on the market?

Keep warm & take care,


* These products were purchased with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own, and are always 100% honest & unbiased. Thank you!


  1. Hand sanitiser is something I always forget to carry with me, even though I'm a sucker for constantly washing my hands. I bet these smell heavenly! Although I don't think I've come across them here in the UK.

    Lindsey. x

    1. Hi Lindsey :)
      Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure if they are sold in the UK, but i bet you have some beautiful brands that are similar. Keep in touch!

  2. I LOVE waterless hand sanitisers, they're perfect for outdoors and in winter when I don't want my hands too cold washing with tap water!

    PS: Enter the Cosima Skincare giveaway today:

    1. Thanks for posting Trishie :)
      I know what you mean about not wanting to wash your hands as much in winter....eeek cold tap water! They are so handy to use, and smell heavenly too!

  3. oooo will definitely check these out next time at priceline! not really a fan of the normal hand sanitiser smell cos sometimes it can get a bit alcohol smelling!

    ♥ M & L

    1. Thanks! Yeah, i agree I am always put off by some of the harsher hand sanitizers out there. The Botanical Creations products seem to be more mild in my opinion :) Hope you can pick some up at Priceline!
      Keep in touch,



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