Thursday, August 8

| Birthday Week | Part 1 | Road-trip & Murray Sunset Country National Park |

Hi everyone,

LIFE UPDATE! It was my BIRTHDAY last week on August 1st (the horse's birthday) I really wanted to share with you the fun I got up to in my week-long celebrations! This is Part 1 of 4. Hope you like it! 

A road-trip to the Riverland (where I was born & my family still resides) was organised over a 4 day long weekend with Mr W! It's not often we both get to spend time with my family in the country, so it was a special treat to relax and recharge together. Taking in the fresh country air....inhale....exhale.... :)

Our trip to the Riverland takes about 2.5-3 hours from Adelaide, so I like to take time for little breaks along the way. We stopped at the sleepy town of Truro as it has one of the BEST country bakeries in my opinion. We got there just at the right time, a newly stocked oven of yummy pastries were waiting for us to devour

Here's what we got! I chose the traditional Steak & Mushroom Pie / Chocolate Donut & Iced Coffee whilst Mr W picked out a tasty Chicken & Vegetable Pie / Sprinkle Donut & Lemonade. Perfect!

Mr W and I also stopped at our favourite lookout over the beautiful Murray River near Blanchetown. The cliffs were a stunning orange on the day, and so high that you are eye-level with the eagles soaring along the cliffs. The views were so beautiful, we took a good 20 minutes soaking up the sun and beauty.

On the Sunday my family and I decided to venture to the outback, Murray Sunset National Park, just over the Victorian border. It is one of the few remaining semi-arid regions in the world where the environment is relatively untouched. Murray Sunset National Park is Victoria's second largest national park, covering almost 1 million hectares! WOW!

The 4WD was fully laden with supplies, as you have to prepare for anything in the isolated outback. We found a beautiful spot to stop for lunch, sandwiches, and sausages in bread. So much fun cooking on the fire!

Then it was time for the sweeties! 

Mum made her famous Vanilla Slice. Can you spot the sneaky fly in the picture? It wouldn't be the outback without flies.

I made Jam Drop Biscuits using Blackberry and Apricot Jam as well as a few macadamia ones. 
These went down a treat!

Gumtrees swaying in the breeze.

It was so peaceful and quiet, all you could hear was the wind in the trees. Serene.

We found a little enclosure made to protect an endangered marsupial.

I wore my Grandpa's 50 year old Akubra. Grandpa would be so proud.

Montage of a perfect day spent with my loved ones.

Thanks for sharing in my Birthday Week Part 1 post! 

What are your favourite places to visit that help recharge your batteries?

I would love to know :)

Take care,


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