Thursday, October 17

| A Walk in the Park |

I took these photographs on a recent Sunday evening walk through Adelaide's beautiful Linear Park. It is a park that follows beside the Torrens River from the foothills into Adelaide's CBD, roughly 20 kms. So, you are coming along with me today. I hope you enjoy the views :)

Today's post is straying a little from the norm here on Profound Feline. We are talking holistic health, your mind, body, and soul as a whole. It isn't often we take the time to remember how one's outside beauty and physical body as a system are related. But it is true!

When they say: 
"You are what you eat" 

"Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live"

"Health is a relationship between you and your body"

Don't get me wrong! I love a delicious slice of chocolate cake as much as anyone and I can VERY successfully convince myself I am just too tired to go for that evening walk :) 

BUT when YOU make the effort YOU get the rewards!

Stress hormones are known for increasing your skin’s own oil production, which leads to clogged pores and unsightly whiteheads *shudders* So release some of that tension through exercise and your skin will repay you with a clearer, happier complexion.

Also of note, physical activity, even just walking can substantially reduce a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. Encouraging new science has found, in part, it seems walking and low impact exercise can change how one's body deals with estrogen.

I like to view moments on nature walks into two types:

  A thinking walk where you can work out your problems    AND

A stress-busting walk where you go with the flow. 

Rhythmic exercise can have an immediate meditative effect, so it is just another chance to practise mindfulness, awareness of the moment, and our body. 

Once getting in touch with mindfulness, you notice subtle aspects, like the breeze on your cheek, your lungs breathing in the fresh air, and birdsongs, those are my favourite. 

Stunning Rainbow Lorikeets I discovered on my walk with Mr W the other weekend. 
I am a BIG bird-nerd!

Baby ducklings!

If you are finding it difficult to muffle the 'mental chatter' we all get, try counting your breaths or look up at the clouds in the sky 
(just watch where you tread).

 It works for me!

                                    Relax those shoulders, take a deep breath, and just be calm.......huuuummmm *zen* 

Enjoy your weekend!

What do you love to do for relaxation? Be it exercise or other hobbies :)

Chat with me in the comments section below!

Take care,



  1. lovely photos! i really find it relaxing to take walks in the park, sometime i even bring my hammock to hang up in the park! its awesome! your blog is adorable! so happy I stumbled across it! aannndd I'm your newest follower hey-o!!! hopefully you can swing by mine sometime!

    xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

    1. Hi Kelsey! Thanks for your sweet comment. I had so much fun taking the photos, I'm glad you enjoyed them :) I LOVE your blog, I'm a new follower now :D Taking a hammock is such a great idea, I might have to try that one.

      Keep in touch,

      love from Australia to you,

  2. Very nice photos! And the ducklings are sooo cute! I plan on visiting Adelaide next year. :) Do you have any advice on places I must go?

    Ty's Blog of Epiphanies

    1. Hi Ty :)
      Thanks for your lovely comment, it's great to hear from you again! Yes, the ducklings were beyond cute. That's great you're coming to visit Adelaide next year! Depending on how much time you have in Adelaide, there is lots to see. A visit to the Barossa Valley Wine Region has a lot of interesting settler history and delicious produce & wine of offer. Also, Hahndorf is a sweet little early German settlement town in the Adelaide Hills. It is a lovely visit on a weekend. Make sure to take the tram from the city to Glenelg, it's a beachy suburb with lots of yummy restaurants too. Just give me a msg if you want anymore guides to Adelaide! x.k



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