Wednesday, October 30

| All that Glitters |

Chi Chi 'Glitteratti'
♡ O.P.I 'Rainbow Connection'
♡ Sally Hansen Gem Crush '03 Big Money'
♡ Revlon '430 Whimsical'
♡ Revlon Top Speed '902 Celestial FX'
Flor Mar True Color '003'

♡ Chi Chi 'Glitteratti' is flat-hexagonal multi-coloured glitter polish with a subtle pink gloss.

♡ O.P.I 'Rainbow Connection' multi coloured small glitter and multicoloured hex glitter in a clear base.

♡ Sally Hansen Gem Crush '03 Big Money' is a gorgeous rose-gold hue. Created by combining very fine particles of gold with medium flecks of pink. It totally lives up to its name, too. After three coats my fingertips looked coated in crushed jewels.

♡ Revlon '430 Whimsical' A dupe of the popular Deborah Lippmann shade Glitter in the Air. A pale blue, pink and silver sparkles suspended in sheer baby-blue grey base. Sounds like the fabric of a figure skater's costume, right?. While it does have a certain winter-wonderland feel about it, the mix of very small and medium platinum glitter particles makes it sophisticated—and surprisingly unassuming on the nail.

♡ Revlon Top Speed '902 Celestial FX' a mix of holographic & silver stars, moons, and diamonds in a micro holo glitter base gel. 

Flor Mar True Color '003' although it appears the glitter is holo, it is actually a mix of blue and green with some red and yellow tiny square glitters. There isn't a lot of glitter in the clear base, so it is perfect for a more understated glitter nail look.

I have previously featured the Chi Chi 'Glitteratti' nail polish in a St. Valentine's Day nail tutorial that can be seen here.

Do you like wearing glitter nail polish? 

What are your ALL TIME favourites?

Have a beautiful week!


* These products were purchased with my own money, except O.P.I's 'Rainbow Connection' & Flor Mar True Color '003' which were received in a beauty swap. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own, and are always 100% honest & unbiased. Thank you!


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