Monday, January 20

| Welcome to 2014! |

Hi everyone,

Welcome to 2014!!!!! The past few weeks have just flown for me! How about you? I feel like I am still back in Christmas. How are we halfway through January ALREADY (seriously?!). Therefore, I thought a quick catchup was in order. They do say, a picture tells a thousand words :) so here is a pictorial overview of the last few weeks. Christmas, New Years Eve, and all that runs between. 

  • The first few photographs capture the Christmas table this year. Abundant, enjoyable and very thankful for the special time with my family. Mr W's Gran was so kind to make my family a gorgeous Christmas Cake which served as our table centrepiece! 
  • My brother and I made a giant jug of PIMMS cocktails with fruit. 
  • I got a singing and dancing GIZMO from Mr W for Christmas love love love! 
  • Ate too many Fruit Loops (childhood favourite) and played LEGO Lord of the Rings on PS2.
  • Fireworks in Adelaide on New Year's Eve. 
  • Made Lemon Melting Moments Cookies. 
  • Road trip to my parents for a week of fresh country air with Mr W. Travelled across the Murray River on a ferry. A delicious lunch at Renmark on the riverfront of the Murray River.
  • Visited a friends Apple Orchard for an afternoon of catchups with my high school girlfriends. So much fun reminiscing, sharing food, and laughing together!

If you would like to keep in touch, you can find me on Instagram @profound_feline 

How did you celebrate your Christmas & New Years?

I hope you are all having a beautiful start to the year & week :)

Stay tuned this week for a HUGE post Christmas LUSH HAUL!



  1. Love Pimms jugs :) Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years :)

    Kayte x

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Kayte :D



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