Tuesday, December 24

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Hi everyone,

Happy Holidays! Only one more sleep until Christmas Day! I hope you are all now enjoying a well earned break over this festive time of year. I was tagged by Melissa from Melissa Bubbles Beauty Fashion & Life to do the Christmas Tag! As we are very near to Christmas day I thought why not give it a go?
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What's your favourite holiday movie?
Love Actually. I watched it on Sunday night with a cup of tea in one hand and homemade fruit mince pie in the other. Perfect! 

What's your favourite Christmas colour?
I am a bit traditional when it comes to decorating my Christmas Tree. I love the look of gold, green, red and anything sparkly, of course.

Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Christmas morning with my family. Although, last night Mr W and I exchanged our Christmas gifts as we won't be seeing each other on the day. YES for early presents! :D

What's your favourite winter fragrance?
Lolita Lempicka - my ALL time classic scent. I repurchase this one again, and again!

Favourite Christmas smell?
Warm Christmas Pudding or Cinnamon Cookies fresh out of the oven. To be consumed with copious amounts of cold milk from a tall glass mmmmm.

What's your favourite holiday drink?
I was lucky to try one of the ever-so-popular 'Christmas Holiday Inspired Coffee's' at Gloria Jeans a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed my Maple Latte for a mid afternoon pick-me-up. Have you tried it? On Christmas day, each year my family and I make a different cocktail to enjoy. Last year it was Pina Colada, this year, Pimm's. I can't wait to enjoy it on the day!

Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Both for sure! How can you choose?

Favourite Christmas song?
Dean Martin's "Let it snow"

Have you ever made a snowman?
No I haven't. I would love too!

What is most important to you about the holidays?
Definitely the spirit of giving and love. Spending quality time with family and loved ones is most important to me! 

I Tag

Merry Christmas!

I would love to hear from you! Comment in the comments section below and tell me 

What you will be doing on Christmas Day?

Christmas wishes to you all,


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