Friday, December 16

Fragrance Friday! Stella McCartney Limited Edition 'Print Collection'

How stunningly beautiful are these bottles by British fashion designer Stella McCartney? Stella McCartney's Print Collection will be available in 30 ml Eau de Parfum. 

Notes: Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Rose Absolute, Amber.
Style: Sensual. Intense. Feminine.

Seductive, elegant, feminine - and perfect for the fashion addict in all of us! The fragrance is based upon contrasts between the freshness and softness of rose and the dark sensuality of amber. Stella is definitely a sophisticated scent focused on an intense sense of femininity. Each bottle is lovingly adorned with bright flowers and will surely warm any wearer's heart. Dab on a little or a lot for a feminine boost to your day!

My love obsession with Stella McCartney's 'Stella' began in 2007 when I won a bottle of the perfume through a competition in Madison magazine and ever since it has been a go-to fragrance of mine. A definite favourite holding a soft, fragrant spot in my heart :)
Original Stella McCartney 'Stella' Eau de Parfum

Therefore, imagine my joy when 'The Print Edition' trio was announced! Valued at $82AUD each, the light amber rose eau de parfum is wrapped in limited-edition packaging. The intricately printed bottles are lifted from Stella McCartney's Spring 2011 Fashion Collection, which features tulips, poppies and peonies on dresses and jackets.

Stella McCartney's fashion inspiration for 'The Print Collection' from her Spring 2011 collection.

Though it may seem fashion trends come and go, the arty appeal of this bottle of perfume is timeless and intimately decadent & feminine in nature. What do you think of the floral design? Have you got an outright favourite or like me, are wanting ALL three for my collection?

Stella McCartney Print Edition Trio will be available In Australia from October 16th 2011.



  1. Hi Sandra :) The bottle designs are beautiful aren't they. Do you have a favourite?
    I checked out your blog and adore your nail art! Especially the 'Pride & Prejudice Mani' = amazing! Thanks for stopping by ;) x.k.



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