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Lust Have it Box - December 2011 (Christmas)

Hi everyone,
I was very excited to go and collect a parcel from the Post Office this week :) I wasn't positive that it was my Lust Have It box but because I wasn't expecting anything else.....I had high expectations :)

As you can imagine I was ecstatic when the lady behind the counter handed to me the cute black and white Lust Have It Box to me :) I think I may even have made a noise....something like "Oiiiiiyyyy!" - I embarrass myself in public yet again. I was eager to get home and unpack the goodies from this months box as I had heard from the Lust Have It Facebook page that this month was "extra special" and there was much excitement over what was in the box!

Here's the link to the Lust Have It Website: Lust Have It
and Lust Have It Facebook page: Lust Have It Facebook page

So here goes, I will just do a quick breakdown of what's in this December's Lust Have It (Christmas Box). Some products I have already tested or tried, so I can comment to you on how I found the products.

Here is a picture of the box and it's contents once I had opened it!

Lust Have It - December box!

As you can see from the picture above - the usual blue shredded tissue paper has been replaced with colourful festive tinsel and a tasty candy cane to munch on! I thought this was absolutely delightful and I felt a little Christmas cheer as I discovered what was in this months box :)

Glasshouse Fragrances - Marseille Fragrant Body Bar 
“Marseille is a contrasting blend of Gardenia, Sandalwood, Cardamom and Casaba Melon aromas with a coastal village vibe. This richly triple-scented soap replenishes and rejuvenates the skin giving it a natural glow and a lovely feeling of softness. Best of all, it contains Almond Oil and Vitamin E to protect and recondition the skin.”

As soon as I opened my Lust Have it box this month I immediately smelt the beautifully floral yet fresh scent of the Marseille Body Bar. The feel of the thick paper packaging also creates an expensive feeling to the product. I would definitely purchase this product is I saw it on the shelf of a retail shop. I regularly buy too many soaps than I should from LUSH (I even bought some today!) but I really appreciated that this was a FULL-SIZE product and also one that I haven't previously tried on my own accord.

evo - The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask
“In creating evo, great minds from the hair industry and some awfully nice scientists have combined a blend of the most innovative and effective ingredients, dry humour, blatant honesty and minimal packaging. The great hydrator moisture mask is an intense hydrating treatment to moisturise and smooth colour damaged, dry, coarse, frizzy hair. To use, work through wet hair, leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse. The result; moisturised smooth, frizz free hair.”

I’m really excited to be trying out this 50ml sample. It is scented with a light vanilla fragrance and the consistency appears as a milky white cream. The mask is free of suphates, parabens, dea, tea and propylene glycol. I have previously used some body washes and moisturisers in the evo brand and I am excited to see if the hair mask works for me. I don't currently own a rinse-out mask and was actually looking to purchase something to strengthen my coloured treated hair. Win win!

Kosmea - Purifying Cream Cleanser
“A gentle, skin-nourishing cream cleanser, developed to replace skin with the oils that it also takes away. This cleanser removes make-up, including water-proof eye make-up and daily grime as it nourishes the skin with oils of sesame, avocado and certified organic rose hip oil. The natural astringent, witch hazel extract, purified and tones the skin helping to rebalance moisture. Perfect for all skin types, but especially if your skin is dry and sensitive.”

20ml of product is a good amount to really test how well this works with my skin. I've used it for about 1 week now and it seems to have calmed my skin as it has been irritated lately. It works as an all-in-one cleanser, even taking off eye makeup. I love this aspects as it saves time and is also convenient for travel (not having to take as many products with you). The company states the product aims to cleanse without stripping the skin of it's essential oils. I look forward to continue using this product and will look at the other products they offer when I am shopping next :)

Regular Tampons - Moxie

“Moxie Regular Tampons are designed for medium flow and come in two unique and discreet recyclable purse-worthy tins”

When I saw this I wasn't disappointed but it left me a little curious. I wouldn't say that this is a high-end sample, but as I have used and liked this brand before I am happy with its inclusion. I think this box of 8 regular tampons is actually a bonus item. The packaging is lovely and is very convenient to keep in a handbag for when needed. 

Waterproof Eye Pencil - LimeLily Cosmetics

“Highly pigmented and smooth to apply. Create perfectly defined eyes or smokey sultry eyes by blending the pencil line with a tapered brush.
This is a full sized eyeliner product in the colour Jet (standard matte black). For me this is a staple daily makeup tool as I rarely leave the house without eyeliner. make-up staple. Unfortunately, I find it is not pigmented enough for me although it does apply smoothly. I use MAC's pencil eyeliner in 'Smolder' and I adore that pencil as it glides on with ease. So maybe I have been spoilt with this product, I'm not sure. Although I like the fact that the product card provides extra instructions on how to use this product in conjunction with fake lashes included in this months box.

Lash Set and Glue - Lash Republic

“The Signature Collection by Lash Republic by Milan & Co consists of 100% human hair false eyelashes. Each eyelash is specifically designed to enhance, volumise and lengthen varying eye shapes.”

My set of Baby Doll lashes is described as “ the natural day-lash”. I found this product suits me great as I often wear fake lashes. I am a natural blonde and therefore have quite fair and thin eyelashes - so they give me the extra ooomph I desire :) I have already worn these lashes on two occasions and find them quite natural looking. Sadly, the glue included with the lash set was 80% dried up and did not adhere the lashes to my lid at all. Apart from that I am enjoying this product and would be happy to repurchase or sample more Lash Republic products in the Lust Have It boxes.

Delicious little Christmas treat from Lust Have It :P Yum!
Overall, this is the best Lust Have It box I’ve gotten so far (I have received 2 thus far). I especially loved that the packaging was tweaked to reflect the festive holiday season. Plus, the mini candy cane was a nice surprise. As for the products I found the samples were of a generous size, embodying Lust Have It's concept of “deluxe-sized samples” and it presented numerous brands that I haven't been exposed to before. The key reason why I subscribed to Lust Have It was to try new products without outlaying lots of $ into products I wasn't sure I would enjoy. 

Overall I have enjoyed my Lust Have It experience thus far and I realise there will be some fluctuations from month to month. If they can provide an overall quality of the contents and deliver on their promise to cut through the clutter of professional and luxury brands, I will be a very happy subscriber!

So CONGRATS to the team at Lust Have It. Even though we will not be getting a box in January I am very much looking forward to seeing what next year's February box will have in store for us :)

So, what are your thoughts on December’s Lust Have It box?

Have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!! Travel safe and enjoy the gift giving festive season!

- x.k.

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