Tuesday, March 6

Come with me

Hi everyone,

Well the past few weeks have been pretty crazy with my wisdom tooth extraction and travelling between the city and the country. I'm now all settled back into my house in the city and it feels great to be back with all my friends :) Here are some pictures of my travels/adventures/happenings over the past 2 weeks - come with me!

1) A pamphlet my surgeon gave me about wisdom teeth.
2) Me in my highly attractive hospital gown pre-surgery. Sorry it's a bit blurry was in a rush to take it before the nurse returned.
3) What I looked like post-surgery.

4) Delicious fruity and icy treat to soothe my swelling jaw :’(
5) Having to drink EVERYTHING from a straw = no fun at all.
6) Mmmm raspberry jelly and custard!
7) This super fruit smoothie helped me lots! So tasty!

8) A marshmallow overloaded hot chocolate I made myself whilst recovering.

9) I finally cleaned my fishtanks (i have 3) it took me hours.
10) Went to see Australia Vs India at Adelaide Oval with my family.
11)  Trying to decide what dress to wear......

12) My first attempt at making a cheesecake. I made Oreo and white chocolate cheesecake. Delish!
13) Oreo’s ready to be blended up for the cheesecake base.
 14) Had a bit of time to do some baking whilst on the mend from surgery. I discovered my favourite ‘go to’ cake Apple and Cinnamon Teacake.
15) I made Choc-bananna and Walnut & then an Apple and Cinnamon Teacake. So good! 

16) Strawberry Magherita.
17) My favorite – avocado and tomato on toast
18) Fortune Cookie time!
19) Rediscovered my love for creaming soda! Enjoyed one of these with my friends at my local Vintage and Antique Fair near my house. We felt transported in time as we sipped on our creaming soda, listening to old-time classic music at cute little tables with checkered tablecloths :)

20) Driving in my car back to Adelaide in the rain.
21) Breakfast with my boy, Angas :)

22) Mwah!
23) Random shots whilst out celebrating a friends birthday.
24)  I spy with my little eye.....The Phantom of the Opera.
25) A young fresh-faced Anthony Warlow :)

26) My new iPhone cover arrived – it’s so sparkly.
27) A cute little lamp I found in a thrift shop and restyled. Fits in perfectly with my bedroom decor.

28) I bought some Spanish Rioja wine to try. Love trying new wines. I'm thinking Argentinian or French next. What do you think? Any recommendations....

29) My February Lust Have it! box arrived in the mail. Will post about the contents soon, promise.
30) The cute wrapping paper that my elf cosmetics arrived in.
31) Some new ‘elf’ purchases: New eyelash curler, Cool Bronzer, Blush Bronzer Duo and Candid Coral Blush.
32) One of my favourite nail polishes in the new year - a happy canary yellow. Used it many times already! 

 33) Beauty desk :)

34/ 35/ 36) Behind the scenes photos from a photo shoot I was a part of this weekend. 

37) Love this shot from the shoot!!! Will do another post soon about the day.

Hair/Makeup by me. Model, Bridget. Photographer, the very talented Matt from Matt James Photography and also seen on Tumblr at Milkseeds

Keep in touch!



  1. Well haven't you been a busy bee lately!
    Loving all these photo updates, can't wait to see the blog about the shoot ;)

  2. Yeah it sure has been a couple of crazy weeks :)these 'come with me' blog posts have made me realise just how many pics I take on my iPhone. I am working on a few new posts at the moment, one of them being the photo shoot ;)Yay! x.K



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