Monday, March 5

Wisdom no more

Hi everyone,

Pheeewwww! Okay, so it feels so good to be back after my wisdom teeth surgery. Luckily for me I only had less than 2 days between finding out I could get a spot in surgery after a consult with my surgeon. I think this was a blessing in disguise and I'm so happy it worked out that way.

I had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. Impacted wisdom teeth occur when the wisdom tooth is beneath the gums surface and covered by bone. My bottom 2 wisdom teeth were also laying horizontal and very verrry close to my facial nerve. I went into my local hospital as an outpatient in day-surgery and was under general anesthesia. I even had to get changed into a very attractive hideous hospital gown including foot booties and a shower cap style hat. The peak of hospital fashion! I was the last patient in surgery that day and had to wait in a teeny tiny little room with 5 other patients (in attractive gowns) whilst watching 'Grey's Anatomy' on TV, including surgery scenes. Really?! Yes, really! *sigh*

 The days events were all made easy by the fact that my Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon was smoking hot and had a charming accent to boot! So as the anesthesia raced up my arm in a cold flurry I drifted off to the land of slumber listening to this mysterious yet comforting man's voice.

Whilst I was under I did not dream - instead waking up in the hospital bed feeling like I had only closed my eyes for a moment. Until. I heard the nurse say "You right there hun? Let me just wipe the blood from off your face." Ohh my god I thought, how hideous I must look?! But really I didn't care, I was just happy it was all over with. After about 2 minutes I saw a familiar familial face pop around the corner of recovery; my brother. He works at the hospital, and wanted to check in on how I was doing.......hahah sweet hey! I thought so too until I saw a big grin spread across his face as he said "WOW! Look at your face pup!" (my nickname) and from that moment on he named me Alvin. Thanks bro! I lay there, on the hospital bed as my brother gazed at me in horror staring at my pasty-white, mumbling-self with blood dribbling down my mouth. Charming!
So overall, it all went well with no problems apart from the horrible/unsightly swelling. But that was expected. Over the next few days I had both pain medication and antibiotics to keep me on the road to recovery : ) It was not until the 2/3/4 days did I feel the full effect of the surgery. The bruising has nothing on the swelling - I looked like this for over a week:

I am finally now after 2 weeks feeling nearly 100%. I only have one of my four stitches left in my mouth and can eat mostly anything in sight.

I have lots of exciting things to blog about in the next few days including a 'Monthly Favourites' post, 'NOTD' and I was lucky enough to do hair/makeup for a photo-shoot this weekend. So keep a look out! I will be busily tapping away at this laptop for you :) Keep in touch!

What are your experiences with wisdom teeth removal?


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