Thursday, March 22

You Make Me Happy ♥

Little things in my life that are making me smile lately:

♥ my beautiful friends who bring so much laughter, adventures, and randomness into my life
♥ painting my nails with an accent finger of GLITTER!
♥ reading my favourite beauty blogs whilst tucked up in bed
♥ watching TV shows about ghost hunting & the paranormal
♥ Spanish wine
♥ re-organising and sorting draws to their maximum potential
♥ sleeping in on weekends
♥ catching up on all my favourite weekly TV shows in one sitting
♥ singing to my budgie Angas
♥ spending way to much time and money in LUSH + reading about their new product release
♥ LUSH bath ball in Mrs Whippy
♥ wearing my hair in a topknot
♥ discovering my love for raw vegetables
♥ unhealthy addiction to Tiny Tower and Sims on my iPhone
♥ strong cups of coffee / tea
♥ eating feta and strawberries on toast....yum!
♥ watching my budgie Angas run full-sprint all over my bed quilt
♥ starting a picnicking tradition with friends  
♥ pastel colours....pinks...greens and teals. Love!
♥ MAC lipstick in Going Dutch - oh so pretty pink
♥ giant over-sized cookies
♥ cooler autumn weather
♥ Urban Decay Naked Palette
♥ crunchy autumn leaves underfoot whilst I go walking

Credit : CubaGallery

What are you loving at the moment?


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