Wednesday, April 18

Come with me - Instagram #3

  1. Latte deliciousness at Jamaica Blue
  2. Me after going to the Tom Green concert - cheeks hurt so much from laughing! :)
  3. Picturesque lake at the Botanic Gardens in the Adelaide Hills - a great day with friends
  4. Zak Bagans doing what he does best - hunting some ghosts!
  5. New releases at LUSH - the Bubbleroons are amazing and come in 4 variations! What's your favourite? It's so hard to choose
  6. Lazy Sunday breakfast out - Poached eggs sprinkled with dukka on a bed of wholewheat toast, beetroot puree and spinach. Yum yum!
  7. Coffee time again
  8. Healthy lunch - 3 seed roll with feta and tomato. It tastes so good!
  9. Loving glitter accent nails at the moment. Wearing Models Own 'Role Model' & Sally Hansen Gem Crush nails in 'Big Money'
  10. Baby gnocchi
  11. New cosmetic purchases :) a few newbies and a few tried and true items
  12. REAL macaroons from a local cafe! What's your favourite? I adore pistachio mmmmmmmm....

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