Monday, April 23

Come with me - Instagram #4

  1. Cute little Easter package I put together for my niece. Check out the blog post below this one for more!
  2. Limited Edition William & Kate Wedding Barbie! Saw these two in a brochure - so adorable, but really???
  3. Autumn day hot mocha
  4. Favourite beverage of the moment Banrock Station Crimson Cabernet - magic!
  5. My little man aka budgie Angas hanging out on my foot
  6. Once the season turns cooler I can always go for a hot drink. Currently, I'm loving the Limited Edition Nescafe 'Creamy Choc Caramel Latte'. How delicious does the packaging look?! Have you tried this one yet? What do you think?
  7. 'Naughty Snack Friday!' - Chocolate Poptarts. That is all
  8. Angas taking a nap.......
  9. Huge biscuit I bought at a cafe. Seriously it was the size of a dinner plate
  10. Wine and nibbles with friends
  11. The previously stated MAMMOTH biscuit. Wowsa!
  12. New taste discovery :) Feta cheese and strawberries on honey oat toast. Amazing.
So after quite a heavily food related post, I hope you're all having a beautiful start to your week.

Happy Monday everyone!


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