Sunday, April 29

Vintage Thrifting Finds #3

Hi everyone,

So after talking dreaming about it for many months, my good friend Matt from Milkseeds and I went on our thrifting adventure together! As you know, I am a great fan of thrift shops and basically anything vintage :) So, I'm overjoyed that I have a fellow thrifting buddy in Matt.

Before we set out on our adventure we got lunch at a beautiful cafe on Prospect Road called Muratti Cakes & Gateaux's  This cafe has the largest array of cakes and biscuits I have seen and I love that everything is freshly made in their expansive kitchen daily. The atmosphere is cosy yet bright, and the staff are very friendly and attentive. Here's a picture from their website to help illustrate the array of goodies on offer!

Muratti Cakes & Gateaux's
But before this turns into a critic of food I will post a few pictures of the mouth-watering food we ordered and then get back to the thrifting adventure.

I ordered a Turkey and Vegetable Sandwich on Rye Bread & also a Coffee & Hazelnut Macaroon. Yummy!

Matt ordered a Veggie Pasty and Watermelon Macaroon. I wanted to try all the flavours, but unfortunately time was ticking by. We were also joined by my dear friend Nikki - who was tempted by an Orange Macaroon :)

 After our time at the cafe Matt and I set off on our op-shopping adventure. Unfortunately, we only had two hours until closing time and we were afraid we had left our adventure too late. In the end, we both collected a few great finds and it has definitely excited our thrifting taste-buds for MORE!

Today we made it to a Vinnies Store, Salvos, and Red Cross shop. Here are a few pictures of the goodies that I picked up from our 3-venue thrifting adventure. Please go and check out Matt's thrifting post too, the link's above :)

 This was my only purchase from the Red Cross shop and I am overjoyed with it. I have been on the lookout for a vintage picnic basket like this for a while now. At ($8) this was a bargain. It was nearly overlooked by Matt and myself as it was sitting on the floor and not at eye level. I will definitely be checking out the shop again. It was our first visit and we were awed at how huge the store was and the amount of quality stock that is carried.

As soon as I opened up the picnic basket I fell in love with the blue and white check material lining and brown leather buckles to fasten up plates/glasses etc. So vintage - so in love with this one!

I picked these up at a tiny Vinnies store run by the sweetest of older ladies :) The dish on the left was ($2) and has a delicate stem base. I'm most likely going to store/display lipsticks in this on my beauty desk. On the right I have 3 small bowls with a sweet pansy design detail in the base. The set of 3 only cost ($2)! I thought they would be good for desserts, nibbles or even small candles.

I love collecting eclectic mugs for my collection and I fell in love with this blue mug. As it is quite over-sized I immediately thought of a mountainous hot chocolate (with marshmallows) in winter. One of those mugs you can clasp in your hands and sip away at. It was ($0.99). On the right is a medium sized handmade dish with lid. I adore the intricate embossed blue patterns :) it was ($2.99).

A close up of the beautiful details of the pattern.

I have to admit I have become slightly obsessed with collecting cassettes. It started with vintage vinyl records but when I saw these cassette titles I just had to have them. I think of it as buying a moment in history :) I could not resist Dirty Dancing, Whitney Houston, and Star Wars. At (0.99) so collectable!

I actually purchased this leather cuff bracelet at my local Vintage Fair last week but thought I would include it. I love how the details of the pearls contrasts with the leather stud cuff. I found this one for ($5).

I found this claw clasp bracelet in the small Vinnies store for ($2). The gorgeous green caught my eye!

One of my favourite finds for the day was this pastel pink, yellow and blue scarf for ($2) I'm loving these colours at the moment, even if we are heading towards winter I'm looking forward in wearing this one!

Overall, Matt & I had a fun and successful thrifting adventure. I have a feeling we will be doing this again ;)
Do you fancy thrifted vintage pieces? Have you been thrift shopping lately & found some treasures?



  1. Wow. This things are amazing and so pretty. I just love this picnic basket! I really like thrift shopping but unfortunately i don't have any time do this now :(

    1. Hi Zuza :D Thanks for your sweet comments! Yes, I cannot wait to use the picnic basket on a picnic with friends. I hope you can find some time to go thrift shopping in the future - it's so fun. x.k.

  2. i love your love for mugs! i love collecting them too

    1. Hi :) Awwww a fellow mug collector, yay! Yes, I am quickly running out of room for any new mugs- uh oh. Thanks for your comment! x.k.

  3. Wow, such great finds! I love vintage stores, but my boyfriend only tolerates them when he is in a good mood. I am slowly training them to the wonders of treasure hunts thou.

  4. Hi Carmen :) Thanks! Yeah I know some people just don't get the whole thrift/vintage thing. It's great when you do find fellow vintage lovers though! Happy hunting x.k.



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