Wednesday, June 27

Come with me - Instagram #6

Hi everyone,

This week's 'Come With Me' post is highly coffee infused. I really do have an unhealthy obsession with a good coffee. I find that in the cooler winter months I just want to constantly be drinking hot chocolate! Whatever I can get my hands on. Do you share the same experience in the cooler months of the year, or am I just odd? Hmmm maybe don't answer that one (O.o)

1. Latte for one. A mid afternoon caffeine fix whilst out shopping in the city one day
2. Got my tickets to see Pitbull in August! I'm going with a few girlfriends - it is going to be a hilariously fun night I imagine. Pre-concert-pre-drinking will be happening
3. Tea for two
4. My hangover cure, Mr Caffeine
5. Pancake flavoured shots! Yes, they were just as delicious as you are imagining  : P
6. Ummm coffee again. Switching it up with a Cappuccino. Please don't judge me......
7. Discovered my favourite new place to satisfy my always present Dumpling Desire
8. Dumplings R Us on Rundle Street in the city. Fresh decor, excellent customer service, mouth-watering food, all I need.
9. Forever waiting for a bus
10. Baking gourmet cherry tomatoes with zucchini for a late lunch
11. Revlon nail polish in Blaze - a fantastic electric red/orange pop of colour. I went through a my nails have to be orange for the whole month phase :)
12. Burning one of my favourite candles by Dusk in 'Osaka'

13. The tedious task that I always put off - cleaning my makeup brushes.
14. Who's that? I made a little Casper the ghost in my latte. I'm very mature like that.
15. My budgie Angas
16. Retro kettle
17. OPI Shatter bargains at Priceline
18. Hot freshly brewed coffee and scone toast for breakfast
19. Jasmine Green Tea with homemade Apple & Oat Muffins
20. Bok Choy & Organic Udon Noodle Stifry
21. Hazelnut Macaroon treat whilst out thrift shopping with friends
22. A little corner of my bedroom. I love this candle I got from Target - smells like a baking cake
23. Homemade Lemon Butter my mum made for me
24. A little creaming soda and cupcake break whilst at a Vintage Fair with friends

What adventures have you been on lately? I would love to hear from you :)

Let's be friends, you can find me on Instagram: @profound_feline



  1. These instagrams are beautiful!(:

    1. Thanks Alex! :) This Instagramming thing is becoming a bit addictive though. Love your blog Alex - especially the 'A Photo An Hour' feature. Fantastic idea! Now following ;) x.k

  2. You made me want a latte! :((

    I invite you to check out my blog.

    1. Awwww thank you Natalie :) Hope you got your latte! Cheers for the invite, your blog is gorgeous :) I'm a thrift shop lover and really enjoyed reading your 'Thrifting Rookie' post. Great finds! Keep in touch x.k

  3. I want a coffee after seeing these pics! :) Love that you have a retro kettle!

    1. Hi Charlotte, welcome! :) Yes, this post seems to be tempting people to a coffee hehee. I love most things vintage and retro, especially my little kettle. Your blog is fantastic by the way, very informative products reviews. I'm sure you're going to tempt me towards some new purchases for the beauty collection.
      Keep in touch okay x.k

  4. Nice love!! :D Just noticed you're not following me D: D:

    1. Hi Nikki, thanks for your sweet comment! OMG I thought I was following you for sure! I even had you saved in my favourites folder too. Whoops! Forgive? x.k

  5. That hazelnut macaroon looks delightful.

    Wanted to let you know I have nominated you for The Liebster Award x

  6. Hi Victoria, welcome. Mmmmm I love macaroon's :P Thanks so much for the nomination - so flattered! I love reading your posts. Keep in touch x.k

  7. i LOVE how bright and colorful your "Come with Me" post is!!! And I totally understand your coffee addiction;-))))

    1. Hi Maria :)

      Thanks for the compliment! I've tried to cut coffee out of my diet before....but I didn't last long. I'm a definite coffee addict :P




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