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| Adelaide Beauty Con 2013 | Beauty with a Conscience |

Hi everyone! How has your week been? 

I am finally on holidays after a busy end to the study year. It was a hectic run for the finish line but major assignments are in and now I feel I can breathe againI apologise I have been MIA the past weeks :( It makes me sad when weeks go by and I am not able to blog. I miss you all. BUT don't worry, now I am all yours!

TODAY I am bringing you my wrap-up of the Adelaide Beauty Conference 2013 (ABC2013) which was held on October 26th in my hometown, Adelaide, South Australia. This year's conference theme was "Beauty with a Conscience", with the focus on brands that are cruelty free and/or organic!

I cannot believe it has been more than a month since ABC2013! BUT, I guess that means it is only 11 months until ABC2014 :)

The Adelaide Beauty Conference is the highlight of the beauty blogging calendar! I could not wait for a HUGE day of chatting with fellow bloggers, networking, learning about new / well loved products, and just having fun! 

A few weeks before ABC2013 attendees were able to nominate up-and-coming bloggers to attend as "Buddy Bloggers" for FREE! I nominated my best friend Nicole who has previously written a lifestyle blog and was interested in seeing what ABC was all about. Here is the beautiful Nicole. "Hi Nicole!"


As the conference was an early start (for a weekend) at 9am Nicole and I decided to have a sleep over the night before. After watching too many episodes of Ghost Adventures we still managed to paint our nails and arrive ON TIME! :) I even managed to curl my hair with the MUK Style Stick I was kindly gifted at a MUK Haircare event in August. A true lifesaver! Here I am in front of the ABC2013 media wall :)


First off, we were greeted with an excited welcome by Celeste (Becoming Beautiful), the founder of ABC. I really do admire Celeste's passion for all things beauty and her ability to get things done! Celeste, you are a keeper :)

Attendees were then graced with a presentation from French Skincare company Guinot pronounced "gheee-no". Guinot is the #1 skincare company in France and are celebrating their 50th Birthday this year. I think we can learn a thing or two here :)

Laura from Guinot taught us about the scientific focus around Guinot's skincare and a little history about how it all started. Attendee Christine was the lucky winner of the Guinot door prize, where she was treated to a luxurious Aromatics Facial treatment from Laura.  

It looks a bit scary at first, I know! The mask was painted on and hardened to what felt and looked like plastic consistency. When I heard they were covering her eyes and mouth my mind wandered to thoughts of horror movies. Think Jason from Halloween. 

The beauty bloggers descend. Doing what they do best!

The Guinot Aromatics Facial did take a little time, BUT I was so envious of Christine who looked ever-so relaxed on the massage table. Bliss and relaxation. The delicate essential oils that were used smelt heavenly. Christine stated that her skin felt "fantastic" and that is was "very relaxing".

After the final touches Christine's skin was absolutely glowing after her Guinot Aromatics Facial.

NEXT we were introduced to the beautifully vibrant Jaala Dyer from Love Organic Beauty who introduced us to the mindful concept of 'Conscious Consumerism'. This being, how one's purchasing practices can influence the environment around them, be it positive or negative.

Love Organic Beauty's aim is to "inspire Australian women to try ethically produced and environmentally sustainable natural beauty products".

Jaala introduced us to the range of French cosmetics from Couleur Caramel.
Couleur Caramel cosmetics are:
 ♡ fair trade
♡ innovative
♡ developed to minimise environmental impact
♡ NOT tested on animals
♡ 100% cruelty FREE


Jaala Dyer from Love Organics

NEXT for the day - Makeup Challenge time!

I have to say that after using the a wide range of Couleur Caramel products in our Makeup Challenge such as concealer/ powder / bronzer / blush / eyeshadow / and lipstick I am flawed with the product quality & functional packaging. It was lovely to see all the Couleur Caramel products laid out before us and the ability to have a play around and explore the brand up close :)

I also love the philosophy behind the brand and look forward in trying out many on their products in the future!

The judging lineup and panel. There were many different categories and lots of happy faces after the fun-stress of the challenge. The lucky winners took home a goodie bag of beautiful Couleur Caramel products to play with.

I didn't get a close up of my makeup challenge look, but basically I changed my bold pink 'Revlon Balm Stain in Lovesick' to a blushing pink from the Couleur Caramel collection. I also added touches of blush / bronzer /face powder and deepened up my eyeshadow crease with a warm neutral.

Laughs & smiles all around! :) Not sure what I'm laughing at, but it must have been good!

It was then time to LUNCH! After the busy mornings antics most were ravenous for the sumptuous display of vegan burgers and handmade soda's from local food vendors Two Bit Villans 

Someone is excited for treats! This picture kind of highlights my makeup challenge look.

I was overjoyed when I heard South Australian haircare brand Davroe Haircare would be joining us at ABC2013. I first discovered their brand with a sample in my Lust Have It box wayyyy back in December 2010. It was the Tame Lemongrass Hair Detangler (pictured below) and I loved it!
                                                            TAME - Lemongrass Detangler

Davroe Haircare's mission is to provide 'environmentally sustainable, innovative solutions that support, educate and enable people everywhere to achieve hair wellness'.

Davroe Haircare have developed Salon quality haircare products that are all natural & gentle on your hair. Their products DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS and are 100% vegan friendly, using NO animal derived ingredients. 

Davroe have an array of haircare products for what ever your hair needs are.

It was fantastic to hear from a local South Australian brand that is passionate about making sustainable and ethical haircare a reality.

Below, Anthony from The Urban Silhouette  (our sole male blogger for the day) was the lucky winner of the Davroe Haircare door prize. Sharon from Davroe showed us an array of amazing Davroe styling products and how to use them. 

Let me just say, they smelt heeeeavenly! One product smelt like freshly cut pineapple *drools* it was enough to make me peckish again.

On the day we were lucky to be gifted a Davroe product pack specific to our hair type. After a individual consultation we were guided to the range that best suited us. I have chemically treated blonde hair, so I opted for the Blonde range, but was also kindly given the Volume Shampoo & Conditioner as I struggle with fine, limp hair. I started using them right away and the Blonde range is honestly the best I have used. AND let it be known I have tried so many on the market. Let me know if you would like to read a more in-depth review of the Davroe products I received on the day.
Afternoon tea was generously provided by Adelaide's very own The CupcakeTable & they did not disappoint! 
The hardest decision of the day was which cupcake flavour to choose?

Choc-Guinness Cupcakes. My pick for the day! Delicious!

Bananna Caramel Cupcakes.

Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes.

Next up we learnt a thing or two from food blogger Christina from The Hungry Australian  Christina is a true inspiration in what one can accomplish behind the lens. Please do yourself a 'flavour' and check out her blog. Beware you will be ravenous after seeing the foodie pictures :) remember I did warn you......

We all gained a wealth of information and tips from Christina on how to improve our photography skills. 
So here is hoping I can share updated skills with you in the future.

We then experienced a thought (and question) provoking session about 'the legalities of blogging' presented by a Media Lawyer / Barrister. A very interesting look into the legal aspects of the internet and what to be mindful of when blogging. 

Adelaide Beauty Conference 2013

A BIG THANK YOU to ALL that made the day special and FUN to boot! 

Courtesy: Adelaide Beauty Conference

I tip my metaphorical hat to Celeste for being the driving force behind ABC 2013. Also, much appreciation goes to the ABC2013 Organising Committee

SherrySherry Woo
MonnieVanilla Silence

A special THANK YOU goes to the guest speakers for the day and ALL the beautiful sponsors of ABC2013! 
Without you the day could not have happened:

I cannot wait to see what ABC2014 has install for us! :)

If you would like more information about the Adelaide Beauty Conference itself click here, and for more information about ABBM, Adelaide Beauty Blogger Meetups, head here. They are ALOT of fun and the more the merrier right? ;)

Have you ever attended a blogging event or conference? 

Which ABC2013 brand are you most interested to hear more about on the blog? 

Do you think 'Beauty with a Conscience' is important?

Lots of love & Christmas cheer,



  1. Brilliant photos and wrap up of the day. I can't wait for next year too. Great post :D.

    1. Thanks Susannah - it was a fantastic day and great to see so many new faces :)



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