Sunday, November 6

Oh Sunday Sunday

Welcome fellow felines and here we go! I have finally managed to get my head around the beginnings of my first Blog. It's been very much a case of trial and failure error and I am now getting excited about the beginning of a new passion as a blogger.....
I guess I have created this blog in order to get to know myself better, share thoughts, ideas, and also connect with others around the world.

Drawing on some famous words of Marilyn I hope this blog to be a place where honesty is key and positive thoughts will follow. I find it only fitting that I write my FIRST official blog post from the heart of all places - my place of birth and rural hometown! I'm currently here for a few days to visit my parents and I am tomorrow heading back to "the big smoke" - city life. I miss the country lifestyle already :(

Oh how I LOVE my Sunday's! My ideal Sunday is to be enjoyed with a cup of tea, some chilled music softly playing in the background. What's your ideal Sunday look like?
Isn't life grand!

- X. K.

1 comment:

  1. Hi) I loved your post, it reminded me of my own a bit. And I just loooove your design of the page. Well done) I am also back at home relaxing and already missing my own life back in busy busy city. It make me feel calm and joyful there paradoxically. Looking forward for ur next posts!^^



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