Wednesday, November 16

Someone's Old Is Another's New!

Hi everyone,

Okay, so in addition to my previous post of Vintage Fair Finds I thought I would just quickly post some pics of other Op-Shop finds I have collected in the past 2 weeks. 

Today, whilst on my drive to my university campus my car magically found its way to a Salvos store.....after a quick look around as I had to get to class I found these little gems!

 I love the pastel palette of the patterns on these glasses. This happy little trio most likely has lost one of its members.....but I hope they still have lots of love to give :) At only $1.99 for the set it was a real bargain!
 Here is a beautifully made floor rug that I picked up for only $12. I love that it has a worn pre-loved look to it. Also, there is a hint of turquoise in the pattern which I think sets it out above the rest. At the moment I have placed it at the end of my bed under an ottoman. 

Okay, well I'm off to boil the kettle to make a cuppa tea. I've had a monster of a headache today and just can't seem to shake it. Fingers crossed I'm not coming down with anything!

Do you have any home remedies or secrets to rid the horrid headache? Let me know.

- x.k.


  1. I discovered a remedy on the internet for headaches last week when I had a terrible one myself!

    I made a 'tea' from crushed ginger, lemon juice and honey. I mixed it all together with boiling water and strained it. Then I had a lay down on the couch and the headache was gone within 30 minutes! The pills I took a few hours before that didn't do anything, so I wonder if this special brew of tea did the trick???

  2. Oooo thanks for the comment Matt! :) That sounds like a tasty remedy - and so effective. I will definitely have to try that next time a headache strikes :) Thanks again x.k.



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