Tuesday, November 8

Plus-size Pretty: Christina Hendricks

Have you ever wished you lived in another era? No. Must be just me then. Well for me it was the 1950-60’s. Roller-sets, winged eyeliner, wiggle skirts and kitten heels.....what more could a girl asked for?

If I could have swanned around the office looking as foxy as today's plus-size pretty, then I would’ve been a happy lady. Meet Christina Hendricks, aka Joan Holloway from one of my favourites shows on tv, Mad Men.

Since tuning into Mad Men years ago I have had a serious girl crush on 36-year-old Christina. Who wouldn't? She is stunning. In Mad Men Joan turns heads in her curve-hugging, jewel-toned frocks.

As at a voluptuous sizing of 12-14, she's hardly 'plus size' in real terms, but in LaLa-land the fact that Christina is seen as a sex kitten is nothing short of miraculous. So cheers to the curvaceous and vivacious Christina Hendricks!

Now this is a woman with curves. Could she honestly be any hotter?! Thoughts? Wowsa!

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