Monday, January 2

2012.....a year of possibilities

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year!!!!! Wow, I really am still getting my mind around it being 2012 this year! Not only is it 2012 but here in Australia we are already 2nd January will be February in no time. I can't believe how quickly 2011 disappeared on me. As the past few years have flown by for me I have realised that time really does go faster as you get older. Therefore, I've made it one of my resolutions to "sieze the moment" in life.

During all the New Year's festivities, I seriously got to thinking about my resolutions and how to make them more achievable. Earlier in the week I was reading that if you make your resolutions public, you're more likely to keep true to them. So here are some general, uninteresting resolutions- plus some very specific beauty-related resolutions! As you will see I'm trying to be as honest as possible with myself in this "self-improvement" blog! There's just something about a New Year that gives me that "fresh start" feeling- so good luck to all who are making resolutions! :)

List of what I want to achieve for 2012. Here is what I have come up with so far in no particular order:
          2012 - a year of possibilities

  • Eat Fresh - buy and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Live more consciously -  conscious of the impact I can make upon the world and making decisions that are conscious. While I tend to be a task-orientated person, I need to just try and "enjoy the ride".
  • Read more - 1 book every 3 months (4 novels over the year).
  • Blog weekly - write on this blog at least once a week minimum.
  • Get my passport.
  • Travel - travel overseas for the first time, America here I come!
  • Do something different with my hair colour. 
  • Start a new hobby - yoga? meditation? photography?
  • Complete my placement component for TAFE degree.
  •  Finish another year of my university agree.
  • Work - get a steady paid job to save $$$ for U.S.A trip at the end of the year.
  • Go on a date ;)
  • Step up my exercise routine.
Beauty Resolutions!
  • Be more diligent about moisturizing before bed!
  • Get out of my black eyeliner rut and use some colors for once.
  • Making sure I'm using what I have- instead of continually buying products. Sigh. 
  • Maintain my hair colour more consistently.
  • Never go to bed with makeup on - I'm pretty good with this but...... :)
Thanks for reading! Here's hoping I can make these resolutions part of my life in the new year! Do you have anything specific you hope to accomplish in 2012? What are the keys to keeping resolutions? I'd love to hear your advice! :)

I think 2012 is going to be a good year and I'm excited to see what it has in store. Here's to fresh beginnings and doing the things that make you happy in life :) Much love to you on your 2012 journeys!


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