Saturday, January 21

House of Harlow 1960

Hi everyone,

My House of Harlow jewellery has finally arrived! I was way too excited in the anticipation of the package to arrive.....checking the mailbox eagerly every day. So sad, I know! But what do you expect from a girl with a serious jewellery addiction? Please don't tell me I'm the only one.

I hope you could gain a little 'sneak-peek' of the jewellery I received from one of my previous blog posts entitled 'Vintage Finds #2' :) . As I ordered the jewellery online from Ozsale on a whim when I saw that they were available one day, I wasn't sure as to correct sizing for myself. Luckily they do ALL fit and I cannot wait to wear them out! I was to give one away as a present in a few months....but I am scared that I may fall in love with it, and instead, welcoming it into into my ever-increasing jewellery family. Which reminds me, I should do a jewellery blog post about my favourite pieces and perhaps jewellery display techniques that I've found useful. Would this be of any interest? Let me know :) Anyways, enough ramblings from me, let's get to the good stuff! Here we go...................

As many of you may know the House of Harlow 1960 jewellery collection is created by Nicole Ritchie.

A native Californian, Nicole was born and raised in Los Angeles and has always had a fascination with creating her own look. Having always been surrounded by entertainers, costumes, and designers Nicole developed an appreciation for fashion at an early age, stating “Fashion gives you the ability to express yourself, your mood; it’s a creative outlet in many ways.” Which is one of the primary reasons the House of Harlow 1960 collections were born. 

House of Harlow 1960 was launched in 2009, and the collection is available globally at high-end department and specialty stores. I personally find the Bohemian Chic representation within the collection is suitable for everyone to wear, and to whatever degree they feel comfortable. After initially purchasing 4 items from the collection I am already making note of other creations for further purchase. Do you have any favourites from the House of Harlow 1960 range? If you haven't already had a gander at the range, have a look here : House of Harlow

 Here are the pieces I purchased as presented online:

Here are the House of Harlow 1960 pieces once I received them:

I am just in love with these little gems! What are your favourite jewellery pieces in your collection? Or better yet, what jewellery is on your 'dream-purchase-list'? :)


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