Monday, January 9

NOTD #2 Nail of the Day - Words in motion

Hey everyone,

Decided to to something a little bit different for this weeks nail of the day! I got some inspiration from a picture I saw in a recent Marie Claire magazine. It's a lot less complicated than it looks. Give it a go and see what happens, I think it's a cute little accent to your nails for something different.

You will need:
  • x1 scissors
  • x10 strips of newspaper containing whatever words you want transferred onto your nails.
  • x1 shot of Tequila or any other alcoholic spirit ie vodka. Something that is clear in colour.
  • x1 shot glass (filled with the Tequila before mentioned).
  • x1 Base Coat and Top Coat nail polish. I used Essie in 'All in one coat'
  • x1 Neutral nail polish. I used Essie in the colour in Bare Naked.


It's pretty straight forward so I will keep it simple.
  1. Use scissors to cut small sections of printed words from a newspaper. I used the careers section of the daily paper to hopefully instill some good luck for myself as I am job hunting at the moment :) Set these sections of paper aside for now.
  2. After applying  the Essie Base Coat and waiting to dry then apply an Essie Neutral Nail Polish, let dry. 
  3. When dry, pour a small amount of alcoholic spirit (Tequila) into a shot glass.
  4.  Dip finger tips in the shot glass and then place a strip of paper over the wet nail and HOLD for 15 seconds in place.
  5. Gently peel back the piece of newspaper after this time and discard.
  6. Repeat the process on each nail - and then you are done!
'Words in Motion' (with flash) 

'Words in Motion' (without flash)

I am hoping to explore a few different variations of this little D.I.Y nail project in the future. Maybe with a favourite saying, poem or verse with meaning. What do you think? Have you tried this one before and have any tips or ideas? Let me know!

Much Love,


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