Thursday, January 12

Vintage Finds #2

Hey everyone!

I'm very excited about today's blog post as I have some new vintage finds to share with you :) As 'treasure-hunting' is an ever increasing obsession shared by my mother and myself - we set off on a little adventure today. The treasure hunting adventure aka thrift shopping led us to a Salvos store in my local community. After treasure hunting for some years now we have found some amazing finds and to be honest with you most of my x2 bedrooms (at my parents home and my rental in the city) are mostly furnished with vintage finds that I have found in my travels. I love items that have a shabby-chic feel to them. I adore the worn, chipped and distressed look of cracked paints on shabby-chic furniture. Ornate frames, quirky porcelain, patterned throws, random cushions, doilies, old weathered and well read books are my idea of heaven. Anything 'old-world' that has a history and can tell a story tickles my fancy.

So here are a few of the vintage finds from recent adventures thrifting with my mum.

Firstly, a little something for my friend Matt at Milkseeds

MY VINTAGE SUITCASES!!!!!!! :) Which I am in LOVE with! After seeing some amazing vintage cases and suitcases my friend Matt had recently aquired I kept my-eye-out for some in thrift shops and what do you know? I found these two darlings.......I'm hoping to use them to store extra blankets and throws :)

Vintage Suitcases - the lock on the bags is stamped with 'CHENEY - ENGLAND'.

 Feel free to check out my photographer friend Matt's blog (link up above) to check out his gorgeous collection of vintage suitcases under the blogpost 'Vintage Freebies' :)

Continuing with my other treasure hunting finds........

LEFT: a hand painted water colour of an Italian courtyard. RIGHT: Print of what reminds me of a 'Southern Belle' in a gorgeous aqua frame.  
The most beautifully illustrated book I have seen. An Edwardian ladies interpretation of the flora & fauna surrounding her country estate. The book accounts a year in her life accompanied by intricate drawings, poetry & sayings. LOVE THIS!

A box of 4 vinyl records in a beautifully illustrated box including classics from screen and stage :)

Vintage books circa 60's from my favourite authors Verne, Dickins, & Dumas. Can't go wrong at 99c each.
Children's Books - love the illustrations inside :) takes me back to feeling like a kid again.
A wind-up ornate ticking clock- Made in West Germany & a Villeroy Boch sugar bowl with spoon. P.S sneek peak of my House of Harlow jewellery on the LEFT that arrived yesterday. Will post a blog soon ;)

the design on this sugar bowl is so delicate.

Please let me know what you think? Is there an avid 'treasure-hunter' inside of you???


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  1. So jealous of your finds, Kristal! Those suitcases are beautiful. And I love the Italian courtyard painting :)



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