Sunday, January 15

My DREAM House - Shabby Chic Eclectic

My cosy master-bedroom

Hey everyone,

On my usual blogger readings I started discovering some beautiful pictures that inspired me to create a kind of picture montage of my DREAM house that I hope to one day have to enjoy. Once I began searching for pictures I found it so hard to narrow down my choices :( So here is a quite abundant blog post of pictures that inspire me to create spaces I love. Hope you enjoy it! What does your DREAM HOUSE look like?

As I am sure you can see I adore Shabby chic styling. Especially how distressed vintage furniture is teamed with soft romantic fabrics. It is a comfortable & inviting style with a strong influence of cottage style. Shabby chic styled furniture is vintage & antique with either the origional aged paint or it can be painted white or in a soft pastel colour, then it is distressed by sanding. Recylcling old furniture is an important aspect of the Shabby Chic style. Soft feminine fabrics in cottons & linens inspired greatly by old French linens complete & soften the look in the home. 

Influences in the modern shabby chic look come from 18th century Swedish painted decoration, and the French Chateau inspirations. The style has become incredibly popular thanks to American designer Rachel Ashwell founder of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture. Her designs combine the beauty of English elegance with comfort & the appreciation of time worn objects that make a home feel like a home. My idea of cosy, safe & clean feeling.

Guest bedroom
Front sitting room that catches the morning sun

A snuggley little nook under the stairs - perfect for reading

Retro shabby chic kitchen

Stunning pastel greens and turquoise throughout the house 
Bathroom with giant tub for soaking away troubles

Backyard getaway. Perfect for guests or a place to enjoy the gardens through the daytime
Oh I just look at these pictures and dream dream dream...........
Let me know what inspires you in interior design :)

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